Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2 down, 1 to go!!


I'm 2/3 of the way through this pregnancy; I can't believe it!

My Dad told me that hitting 28 weeks is really significant in pregnancy because Bryson is developed enough to where, if for some reason, he had to be born, he can survive on his own with little help from breathing machines. That is so comforting to know! But, as much as I want to see his sweet little face, I think I'll keep him cooking a little longer if possible! :)

Bryson is close to 15 inches long and weighs 2.25 lbs!! He's getting so big!
And speaking of getting big....I am one large mama!! :)
27 Week picture....playing catch up

Me and my belly at 28 weeks

I'm still loving being pregnant! B is kicking so hard that he will shake my whole belly at times. I don't know how he's positioned yet, so it's fun to guess what part of him is jabbing and poking me.

I wake up several times in the middle of the night, which is always fun. I feel like I have to flip over and reposition myself every hour or so, or my legs get tingly and start going to sleep. Orion always sleeps next to my legs, so I think he's getting a little tired of having to constantly move, too. Sorry puppy! Other than that, and growing a beach ball and my front side, I'm feeling and doing great!! I have been absolutely blessed with this pregnancy.

I don't understand how people can go through pregnancy and not know and feel how powerful and wonderful God is. Having Bryson growing and moving inside of me has given me even more love and Awe for Him. Michael and I are so thankful that He is allowing us to be Bryson's parents. I pray that he will grow up to be a man after God's own heart and that we will be Christian examples to help guide him there.

Monday, September 28, 2009

He Tri'd...and He Succeeded!!

Michael did his second triathlon on Sunday. He considers the first one just a practice since it was so short and all indoor, but shoot, he did it and I'd count it! Michael still says this was his first. :)

Anyway, he did AWESOME!! I am so proud of his hard work and dedication to working out. For the past couple months he would go to work, go straight to class (until 9:30) and then stay and swim/bike/run at the SMU campus. He's so dedicated to everything he puts his mind to.

First was the swim... (If you look close...really really really close, you can see him in the water. Can't see him? Eh, me either. We can pretend though :-) )

He finished the swim so quickly I almost missed him transition to the bike

Just finished with the 12 mile bike ride

And he's in the home stretch....finish line is in sight....

YAY!! Congratulations Baby on finishing the triathlon!!! I wanted to run and jump on him and hug him to death, but I think I would have broken him if I did. So, instead, I stood next to him and smiled like a super proud wife and patted him on the shoulder :)

Next was Ray's turn to cross the finish line! YAY Ray!

Their friend Dustin did the triathlon as well. Way to go boys!!

*** So, at one point I ran down and back up a hill pretty quickly to take a picture of Michael transitioning from his bike to the run. I got the picture and then ran back down and up the hill to find Alicia again. I was so stinkin' exhausted and out of breath that I could barely talk. I felt slightly bad for saying I was tired after that.... and my husband was in the middle of a triathlon! Heheh :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

You look like a monkey, and you smell like one too!

Happy Birthday Husband!!

Michael's birthday was on Monday, but since he had class that night, we weren't able to celebrate until tonight.

We got to go out for a nice dinner and then we went and picked up his birthday present. Well, actually, he had to pick it out first.  :)  He got a new bike helmet and gloves for his triathlon on Sunday. He was so excited about it, he put the helmet on at least 4 times on the way home. Everytime we stopped at a light, he had to pull it out of the box and strap it on. It was really cute. We  stopped at Sonic for some ice cream on our way home and he decided to greet the car hop like this:

I just love that man like crazy! He's so fun!!
Happy Birthday Baby!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not...


Michael brought me these beautiful pink roses when he came home from work tonight. They smell so good and look beautiful in the kitchen!!

My husband is so wonderful!

AND he decided not to go play basketball with the guys tonight and stayed home to spend time with me instead. :)

I am one blessed girl!!

He loves me and I love him!!

Monday, September 21, 2009


So, I am terrible at keeping up with T.V. shows. I rarely ever watch T.V. and when I do I have a slim selection of shows that I like to watch. One of them hapens to be The Biggest Loser and I love love love the show!! I think it's so amazing to see people change their lives for the better and get healthy. I love the show so much that Michael and I dressed up as Jillian and Bob, the trainers, for Halloween last year!

I finally got to watch The first episode last nght. I sobbed almost the entire usual.

But I've noticed something this season. Jillian has gotten down right mean! I've watched every season, so yes, I know that's her style of motivation, but it is out of control! Granted, I've only seen the first episode, but still. I hate when people yell. Like, I get really tense and start sweating. I seriously hate it. Jillian didn't stop yelling  and cussing the entire hour and I wanted to sit on the sofa with my fingers in my ears like a little girl! 

There was a complete change of personality with her towards the end of the show though. She actually got pretty emotional when one of the girls weighed in. It made me happy to see that she isn't just a mean robot :)

I am really hoping it was just to "scare" the people into working out harder. Because I loove The Biggest Loser and I want to watch all of the amazing contestants get healthy and drop unheard of amounts of weight!!! :)

So, Jillian, will you please not yell quite so much on Tuesday so I can enjoy your wonderful show?  :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

No Rain, But There Was a Shower!!

I had the privilege of hosting one of my best friend's bridal shower on Saturday. It was so much fun and we had a great time celebrating with her :)

The food spread: We had lots of great food, some delicious cupcakes topped with Ring Pops, and an awesome chocolate fountain.

Kaylan made precious heart shaped ice cubes for the punch!

We played a fun "Memories" Game. Everyone writes down a fun/sweet/silly memory they have with the bride, but at the same time trying to make it somewhat vague. The bride reads the cards out loud  one at a time and tries to figure out which guest wrote each card. It's a fun ice breaker and also gives everyone a chance to hear fun memories about the bride :)

Then it was present time. Yay for presents!! She got some great stuff :)

Me with the Bride :)

Alicia, Stephanie, Kaylan and Me- The 3 hostesses with the Bride!!

The whole Bridal Shower gang

Alicia is slightly greatly addicted to chapstick. Like, it never leaves her hands. Ever.
So, for the shower favor I put labes with her initials and the shower date around a tube of Chapstick. :)  (Sorry it's a bit blurry)

I feel so honored to be her Matron of Honor and so blessed to have such a wonderful friendship with such a sweet girl. It was so much fun and I can't wait until she and Ray finally get married in November!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009



Does anyone know why Blogger won't show my whole "26 Week" Post?? It cut the post off half way through and just says "Read More".

26 Weeks!

Michael and I get weekly emails updating us on Brysons growth and development. They're always so fascinating to read.It's kinda like we have another way to connect with him by knowing what's going on inside my belly since we can't actually see him yet. Well, this weeks email informed me that I only have one week left of my 2nd trimester. ONE week!!
Bryson is close to 14 inches long and 1.5 pounds! He is growing like crazy every week. At first, it felt like my belly was never going to grow and now it feels like it will not stop!

Me and my growing belly at 26 Weeks!
Sunday after church, Michael and I took a tour of the Labor and Delivery wing of the hospital I'm probably going to deliver at. It was pretty surreal to think that in a few months, we'll be there holding our sweet baby boy for the irst time.  

I had a doctor appointment on Tuesday. It went really well. Bryson is right on target and growing great! I was so worried all day that my doctor was going to tell me I've gained way too much weight, but I'm measuring right on target. I was so happy to hear that! My appointments are now every 2 weeks, so I'm going back in a week and a half for my glucose test. :)

After the appointment, I really wanted a soft pretzel from the mall, so I went over to Stonebriar for a quick trip. I got my delicious pretzel and decided to do a little shopping. I was trying on dresses and just had to put "the bump" back on! It's supposed to add 3 months, and in 3 months, I'll be full term, 9 months preggo and apparently enormous!!

Me at 6 months (now)
Me at 9months (according to the belly bump!)

Gosh, if that's true, it is going to be interesting to say the least!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away

I am so grateful that we have been blessed with so much rain lately. We've needed it so badly! But I am SO ready for it to stop raining.
Two Reasons:
1. Orion hates the rain and won't step foot outside if it's wet outside, not even under the covered patio. Therefore, he has made it a habit of going potty on the tile in the hall. I am very ready for him to get back to his normal routine. I am throwing a shower at our house this weekend and I'm tired of pulling out the Clorox Wipes every couple of hours!!
2. Rain = indoor recess. Indoor recess = hyper kids. Hyper kids = loooooong days!!
So, rain, rain go away. Come again another day!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Have I told you lately....

How much I LOVE kids?
My kids were starting Math Stations Thursday morning and I called a group to my teacher table so I could work with them on a few story problems. One little boy was on his way over to my table...

Me: "B, why do you have a spoon with you for math stations?"

B: "Oh, it's to eat my imaginary ice cream with."

Me: "You know what, we don't need that for math stations. Why don't you go throw that in the trash."

B: "AWW man. Mrs. Fant, that's not fair!....walks over and throws the spoon away (also starting to cry)....

Now I have to eat my imaginary ice cream with my imaginary spoon!"

HA HA! I just love them :-)

Here's Your Sign

My pregnancy has been so uneventful so far (which is a good thing!).  Besides having an ever expanding belly and feeling Bryson's kicks allday long, I have had pretty much no other "typical" symptoms of pregnancy.
I finally had one though. This past week I had my first Charlie Horse. I've never had one before and it was one of the weirdest feelings! I woke up and it felt like my leg was paralyzed; I couldn't move it at all. After a couple minutes, it went away on it's own and I could finally stretch it out a little. It just felt so weird!
I'm so curious to see what else is coming in my future :-)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Labor Day

I love Labor Day! It's moving up my list of favorite holidays. The holiday never really crossed my mind until I became a teacher and got that 3 day weekend right after school started. I needed it so badly this year. Like I said earlier, I've been really tired lately and that was just what I needed!

Michael and I went to my parent's lake house to celebrate Labor Day. My family was there and Michael's parents got to come on Saturday and spend the day down there. It was so fun and so relaxing! We stayed on the boat most of the weekend, but when we didn't, we were playing washers, fishing, laying out, and eating tons and tons of food.

We just got a new video camera that has some awesome videos of everyone wakeboarding (and wiping out!) and I can't wait to post them, but I haven't figured out how to do it yet, so they will come later.

The family Playing Washers

Dad and I waiting our turn. (Yes, that is a giant handful of Skittles!)

Michael and Brandon were attempting to go fishing, but the boat wouldn't start :)  They had better luck with the boat later, but no luck with the fish. Michael was the only one to catch a fish all weekend!!

Family picture after a day on the boat
It was such and wonderful weekend and I'm so glad Michael's parents got to come. We missed Beau and Rebecca, but hopefully they'll be there next time :) She was busy being brilliant and going to medical school interviews!! :)
I can't wait until the next lake weekend!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


We LOVE dressing up for Halloween. Well, it doesn't even have to be Halloween. We'll use any excuse to play dress up! :-)
Since Halloween is just around the corner, I've been thinking of what I'm going to be this year. It's a little a lot more challenging since I will be 8 months pregnant this year. I know what you're thinking. There's an easy solution--Just don't dress up! Well, I can't do that because we're throwing Alicia's Bachelorette Party on Halloween, so it's kind of a must. And I have NO idea what to be.
Do they even make maternity costumes!?
Oh, and I refuse to be a "Pregnant Nun".  :-)
So, since I have to wear some sort of costume in October, do any of you have any suggestions about what I should be!? I would love to have some ideas because I'm desperate!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Who, me?

I sure do love this puppy dog!  :-)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Welcome to da Crib!

Bryson's room is really coming together! It is so neat to see it go from a random extra room/extra study to our baby boy's home. I painted the room over the summer, Michael moved out all the furniture, Michael and his dad put up the chair rail a few weeks ago and now, we have Bryson's furniture in the room!

We found this set when we first started looking at cribs and completely fell in love with it. We looked at tons of other stores and cribs and compared prices and quality, but this was always my favorite (and the best-not that I'm bias or anything :) ). I couln't get it out of my mind!
We ordered it online a few weeks ago and it was delivered to the store last week. Michael and I were SO excited to go pick it up and put it all together!! Silly me, I had figured I would go pick it all up after work, throw it in the back of my CR-V and take it home to wait for Michael to get home to put it together. Well, I took one look at the boxes and realized there was no way they were going to fit in my car : (
Fortunately, my parents have a trailer and came to our rescue!

I was really excited to get the furniture in the house!!
We had to dig into the boxes right away!
Admiring the crib
Michael putting Bryson's bed together
I can't wait to lay our precious little boy to sleep in his crib in a few months :)  True, it will need a mattress before that can happen, but minor details!

25 Weeks!

Time to update again!? Gosh, the weeks are flying by!

I am 25 weeks and 1 day pregnant! Everyone told me the 2nd trimester flies by and boy were they right.
Bryson is now 13 1/2 inches long and weighs about a pound and half (although I'm telling myself that he weighs 15!) :) He weighs about the same as this

If you could see inside my belly, you would now be able to tell what color hair Bryson has! Michael and I often talk about what he'll look like, what color hair he'll have, and many other things about our sweet boy.

We went to the lake this weekend and on the drive back home, we started talking about all the things we wanted to do with B. We dreamed about how we can't wait to take him to the beach and to Colorado to play in the snow and to see Mickey and Minnie in Disneyworld. Funny thing...we actually got so into the conversation that we started arguing about the perfect time to take him and his younger bother/sister to Disneyworld one day!! It was quiet hilarious when we realized we were having a debate about something we weren't even going to begin planning for another 5 years or so. :-)

I had to reschedule my doctor appointment that I had tomorrow because of a school meeting. I rescheduled it for next Tuesday and I'm really anxious to go! The appointments have been very uneventful (which is wonderful!) I just love hearing them tell me that Bryson is growing wonderfully and is a healthy little boy!! After the appointment on Tuesday, I will start going every 2 weeks. That is going to make it feel like he is coming very soon! 

I've still been feeling great so far. I've gotten progressively more tired in the last few weeks. I went to bed at 9:30 every night this weekend while we were at the lake. It's also harder to sleep comfortably now. I feel like I wake up every 45 minutes or so to readjust my pillows and blankets and go to the bathroom and get some water and stretch, etc. Night time is getting eventful. :)

This is my 25 week belly. Bryson, you are getting so big! :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


These are a few of the things I'm lovin' right now:
HUGE Dickey's cups!!
(not the food-not a fan of BBQ, but definitely a fan of the cups!)
They save me from refilling my water every 2 minutes!!
Which brings me to my next love...
I've always drank tons of water,but now, I feel like I can never have enough. Ever!
It's getting kinda dangerous. I want everything I see! These are 2 of my favorite onsies right now. (I've been good, I haven't bought them....YET! Ha!)
Asiago Cheese with Honey Almond Cream Cheese. YUM!
Anything chewy. Skittles, Gummy Worms, Gummy Life Savers, etc.
I have wanted very little chocolate-only in cookies! (I've always been like that though)