Saturday, January 21, 2012

Silly Pictures Saturday

Yes, this is "Friday Phone Dump" for procrastinators :) Haha

This is Bryson's look of choice right now: Boots and a diaper.
Sometimes he wants to wear gloves...or socks as gloves...or rummage through his drawer and put on big boy undies...He makes us laugh constantly!!

Playing at the mall :)

Driving with Daddy
(this was the WORST idea we ever had!! Now, anytime Michael drives, Bryson has a terrible meltdown because he wants to drive. "My drive Mommy car. No Daddy, MY drive!!"

 Speaking of meltdowns, Bryson was having one at my parents house one Sunday when he skipped his nap, so Mimi gave him some Cool Whip to "paint" with on his tray.

 This hideous thing caused a tantrum at Walmart a few weeks ago.
(do we see a trend here? Yes, we are full force with tantrums now!)
He wanted to "yit in Dora" SO badly.

 LOVES bubble baths!!!

 This is an un-babyproofed cabinet for him to play in. He loves to cook in his own oven while I'm making dinner.
(Speaking of babyproof cabinets- Bryson has learned to open the latches, so none of our cabinets are safe anymore. Anyone know the next step to keeping him out!??)

 Enjoying a little popcorn and juice picnic outside in our beautiful 70 degree weather in January!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Saturday

We've had an eventful Saturday!

Michael signed us up for a 5K this morning, and we were really excited about that. I know I've mentioned before that Bryson likes to "wun yike Daddy", but I have to tell you again. Bryson LOVES to "wun yike Daddy!!" Bryson requests to wear his "wunning soos" all the time, then he continues to run laps around the house while yelling, "wuuun faaast! Weally faaast yike Daddy. Bryby wun faaast!!" Every.Single.Time.  Ha!

So, we figured this wouldn't be a problem and Bryson would start out running and then we'd put him in the jogging stroller for the remainder of the run. Wrong.

All he wanted to do was run by himself. Or run the wrong way. Or make me hold him while he kept telling me to "wun more fast mommy". Or pick up and throw acorns. Or make Michael hold him while he ran. Or cry and get mad that we tried to put him in the stroller. It was a major fail. Around mile 2.5, Bryson and I gave up and played in a neighborhood while Michael zoomed to the finish line to get the car.

While Bryson napped, I met Alicia up at the gym for a workout. I went a few times last week, but it was SO fun to workout with her again! It's always better with a friend ;) I am SO out of shape and will definitely be sore tomorrow! Bryson was so worn out that he napped for over 3 hours, so I even got to take a little nap after the gym. What a treat :)

After Bryson woke up, Michael and I took him to the park. We brought his bike and he loved it. It wasn't long before he was going off roading on the hills of the playground :) 

At one point, he fell down, but all he kept saying was "I okay I okay more bike!" What a tough guy :)

Michael took a little break to practice his pole dancing...haha! Ok, maybe he was just seeing if he could hang on it. ;)

And, amazingly enough, the hour long gym visit today did immediate wonders...{accoring to my shadow} ;)

I love fun family days like today!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Next Step Toward Goals:

In our ABF on Sunday morning, we talked about resolutions and goals. One of the verses we read made me want to bee line it back to the house.

Habakkuk 2:2
Then the Lord replied: "write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it."

Writing down goals and resolutions is a big deal. It's much more set it stone, it's out there for others to see and keep you accountable, and it is visable for you to see it often and remember. Michael and I kind of added to each of our lists and put them in 4 categories: Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness (we must have a little "f" theme going...)

Anyway, I couldn't wait to get home to type them up really pretty and post them somewhere in our home that we'll be able to see on a daily basis.

I haven't quite finished typing them, because, well, like I said, I want them to be pretty if they're going to be posted in our home. :) But, I have made a few "first steps" in a couple of my original goals.

I bought a pair of some of the best running shoes I've ever owned!
I joined a gym

I sent out my first Birthday card!!

YAY!! I feel like this is going to be a good year!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Resolutions

Happy New Year, Friends!!

2011 was a fun year. We loved watching Bryson grow and change, we spent lots of time with family and friends, went to Mexico wth the Zellners, took our first family trip to the Beach, and so many other things. It was a fun, busy year.

As we inch into 2012, I know this year is going to be a great year, too! We have some big things planned already and some high expectations of just enjoying our family time to the max. I'm starting a parenting class at our church that I am really excited about! We're taking a family trip to Belize in February and going scuba diving in one of the top 5 dive spots in the world. SOO excited about that!! 

So, starting off the year right with a few new goals and resolutions in no particular order:

Have more people over to the house. At least once a month
I'm such a homebody, that sometimes I just never think to have people over. We love hanging out with our friends and going to their houses, I just want to be better about having people over and building relationships.

Get back in shape. Work out and eat better. (along with 99% of the US)
Being back at pre-pregnancy weight in NO way means I am healthy. Oh my gosh, I am SO out of shape and I hate it. The week before I found out I was pregnant, I completed my 2nd half mararthon (one of the toughest in TX). Last week, I jogged down the street with Bryson (he is SOOO into "wunning yike Daddy" because Michael is always going running) and I kid you not when I say I could barely make it 7 houses down the street. UGH.

Read Bryson's toddler Bible to him every night.
I almost always read him books before bed and I always want at least one of them to be a story out of his Toddler Bible.

Send Birthday cards in the mail.
I actually stole this one from my friend, thanks Kaylan ;) It's just always so nice to get a real old fashion letter in the mail, especially on your birthday. I already have a working list of birthdays, I still need a few addresses though.

To Not waste food.
Not the "eat all the food on your plate, young man" type wasting. But the "throw away tons of leftovers".
 There's a commercial right now that says on average, Americans waste over $500 dollars a year in thrown out food. I would totally agree with that, at least in our house. There are so many times that I'll make dinner and never eat te left overs and throw them out. Or buy groceries and the week gets busy and then have to throw out the herbs or veggies or something. This year, we're making a valient effort to meal plan, plan to eat left overs, plan to make our next meal with left over ingredients (i.e. green onions-I ALWAYS end up throwing 90% of those away every time) and not eat out if there is good food in the fridge. I think this one will be one of the toughest.

Learn to use my camera better.
I have this amazing awesome camera that I have definitely not learned how to use. I feel like I know just enough about it to get a decent shot if I try, but not nearly enough as I would like. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with all the settings and stuff on the camera that I just end up shooting in Program. SO pathetic. So, if anyone has any SLR camera tips, comments, helpful ideas, I would listen for hours!!

I think that's a good start. Some of these are a little harder than others, but that's the excitement of a new year and reevaluating life. :) So hold me accountable, friends!