Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Greatest Show On Earth!!

We just got back from the circus. Like, 30 minutes ago. And I couldn't wait to plug in my camera and look at all the pictures again. It's so unlike me to blog this quickly, but it was just that good! Bryson sat and watched the entire 2 hour show, it was just that good! It was so so much fun!!

Grandma and Papa found incredible seats and we were up close in all the action. We were a little apprehensive about Bryson liking it after being terrified of the animals at The Rainforest Cafe, but he really loved it!!

He had a little bit of nervous energy (and chewed on his whole fist of fingers) when the show first started and the elephant came out, but that wore off really quick.
He sat with incredible concentration and enjoyment with his mouth dropped down to the floor through most of the show.

He got really excited every few minutes and would point, squeel very loudly, clap and yell, "yay yay ya!!" It was adorable!!

The whole show was incredibly captivating. There was some craaazy "circus people" that preformed:

Some really amazing animals

And some not-so-scared-of-heights trapeze swingers and tight rope walkers.
Bryson was hilarious when they were up there (or when people would climb up too high). He got very serious and continually told them to get "dow" while pointing to the ground.  {Haha- can you tell he's heard us tell him to get down from things a time or two!?}

Grandma an Papa also bought Bryson his first bag of cotton candy which also came with a super cool tall hat. B wasn't crazy about the cotton candy, but the hat was very fun :)

We dropped Grandma and Papa off at their house, and in the 8 minutes we were there, Bryson managed get naked and play in the sprinklers. :)

We had SUCH a fun day!! Thank you Grandma and Papa for an unforgetable trip to the circus!!

This picture pretty much sums up our whole day ;)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dressing Himself

Bryson is SO into dressing himself these days. He's still working on how to put on a shirt (it usually just ends up like a hat sitting on his head) but he is ALL about putting on his shorts, swimsuits, swimdiapers, socks, and shoes.

There's no telling what or how many of something he'll have on. The other day, he had 3 socks on one foot and zero on the other and another day, he put on 3 swim diapers all on top of eachother.

Today, it's 2 pairs of shorts and one of them is on backwards :)

He is such a goose!! ;)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Family Reunion 2011

This past weekend, we headed to Possum Kingdom Lake for the annual family reunion. It's always special to spend a whole weekend with family you love. :)

We  had to make a little stop to take a few pictures in a special little town ;)

Bryson had such a blast at the lake! He would have been in the "wa wa" all day, every day if it wasn't a billion degrees outside. We did swim a whole lot, though!

While we all sat outside catching up on life, Bryson played in the dirt. And since it wasn't time to swim in the water, he decided to swim in the dirt :)

Uncle Beau and Carter spent a long loooong time throwing rocks in the lake with Bryson. He was in heaven!

Mammaw and Pop brought Bryson a stuffed frog that moves his head and mouth and sings "What a wonderful world." It's really cute, but after the Rainforest Cafe, he was a little apprehensive about it at first. After about 3 songs, Bryson loved him and even tried to share his water with him a few times :)

Grandma got a big yummy yogurt kiss!

Family picture time...

Mammaw and Pop and Bryson

Four Generations! :)

It was a really fun weekend, but holy moly it was SO exhausting. I was on Mommy duty times 10. There was a bunk bed in the cabin and I'm not even kidding when I say Bryson climbed up the ladder about 50 times. Also, about 20 feet from the front door was a 10 ft drop straitght down to a bed of rocks. Bryson was constantly trying to sneak out the door to go outside. I was so tired on Saturday night that I ended up going to sleep with Bryson super early! Uncle Beau was a super hero on Sunday morning and swooped up Bryson as soon as he woke up so Michael and I could get a few extra minutes of sleep. :)

We always look forward to our fun reunion! We already can't wait until next year!! :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Dr. PaPa

Bryson and I went over to my parent's house to swim on Wednesday. It was heart breaking for Bryson because neither of them were there. He paced the house for quite a while yelling for "mimi papa" and saying "i doh knoooow!"

But, we went outside and he was as happy as could be swimming in the water. He slid down the plastic slide into the pool for the first time...and 50th time. He Loved it!
AND, he jumped off the side of the pool and went completely underwater for the first time. He was only under for a second before his lifejacket and momma pulled him back up and as soon as he wiped his eyes, he wanted to do it again and again. Little dare devil. ;)

After his nap, we surprised PaPa at work. It was so much fun!! Both of them were so excited :)

What a fun Wednesday!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Week 3&4- Noah and the Rainbow

We doubled up for this theme, so we got to spend 2 weeks with Noah, animals, and the rainbow/colors. It was so much fun!!

Our scripture for the week was Genesis 9:16 "God always keeps his promises."

We read the story of Noah every morning.
{Mimi even read it to him one day. What a treat! Bryson called Noah "no no" the whole first week-- complete with the finger shake. :) }

We made animal cookies.
{He LOVED wearing his apron and rolling the dough. He asks to wear the "ah pie" whn he sees it hanging in the pantry. I will definitely be pulling out some playdoh soon. :)}

We mixed colors using coolwhip
{My friend Jenny did this with her son last year and I loved her idea! I think Bryson liked rubbing it all over himself more than mixing or eating it. Such a boy :) We also used some of it for icing for the cookies. }


We drew a rainbow and an arc with chalk

We played in the "rain" and stayed dry with an umbrella
{I think it's rained like 4 days total since Bryson has been born (that may be an exaggeration. or it may not. I don't really remember!) but he got to learn what an umbrella was and why you use it. It's always neat to see him learn something new}

We ate lots of Animal Crackers

Went to a Safari Park

And ended our week(s) with dinner at the Rainforest Cafe

This is pretty much a whole post of it's own. Man oh man, Michael and I laughed a lot!! The restaurant has robotic life-like animals all over the walls and every 10 minutes they "come to life". Bryson never cried, but was scared out of his poor little mind the first 6 times they came on. He litterally climbed up me and held on for dear life with a look of complete terror. Michael and I probably looked like crazy people because we were dancing and making silly noises while the animals were "alive" so Bryson would think it was ok and not be scared anymore. He kept vigorously telling them "all done" and "nigh nigh" to make them stop. He never really enjoyed the live animals, but towards the end, he actually started to do monkey and elephant motions along with us. He did, however, love the fish tanks all over the restaurant. Nice, calm, noise-less, motion-less fish enclosed in the glass walls. :) We will definitely be going back...but maybe next year or so! Ha! :) 
(sadly, my camera battery died about 10 minutes into eating, so we were stuck with phone pictures. SO sad)