Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rolling Over!!

After numerous attempts of catching this little boy rolling over, we FINALLY got it!!

The first time he rolled over was at 5 weeks and he cried like crazy when he ended up on his back.

I taped tummy time pretty much every time since then...until Thursday (9weeks) and he rolled over again and seemed really content landing on his back and just sucked on his hand for a little bit.

Then, tonight, he rolled over 3 times in a row!!!! We got the first one on tape and we were all SO excited! :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rockin' and Rolling

I am kicking myself right now.

I decided to take some pictures of Bryson during tummy time instead of video for some reason today.

I don't know why.

Because he rolled over!!

And I'm kicking myself.

At least I got some cute pictures...

Dinner, A Movie and a Play Date

My parents offered to watch Bryson for a couple hours on Sunday so Michael and I could go out and see a movie, which is a very rare occurrence for us. We decided to go see Avatar in 3D IMAX. Normally, I am not a Sci-Fi movie person. At all. Aliens just ruin movies for me. But I really liked Avatar! We also got to wear some pretty snazzy glasses, so it made it even better :)

On Tuesday, we went to Saltgrass to celebrate my Grandpa's birthday and we decided to bring Bryson on his first outing to a restaurant. He had been so happy all day, so I had high hopes for the restaurant. My hopes were slashed pretty quickly when he started fussing and then went into and all out screaming fit. I was so stressed out and felt so bad for all the people around us. We ended up leaving before dessert because he wouldn't calm down. I'm pretty sure he was just extremely overstimulated with the lights, loud music, and being passed around from person to person. I have feeling we won't be frequenting any restaurants for a while...

Bryson had his first little play date yesterday! Amanda and Myles came over to hang out with us. It was fun getting to catch up and see Myles again! I remember seeing Myles when he was a little baby like Bryson  and now he's such a big boy. It made me realize that B is going to be that big soon. Tear. It will be so fun when they can actually interact with eachother when they're older!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2 Months

I have a 2 month old??
Tell me it's not true. Tell me he's still a baby and not growing up before my eyes. Oh my goodness!

These have been the best 2 months of my life. My heart is so full of love for him. God has made a perfect miracle in Bryson for us. We love him more than anything!!

These have also been a very busy 2 months. I can't imagine how busy we'll be when he starts crawling. Or walking. Or running all over the place. Phew, it's making me tired just thinking about it!

So, let's see what he's been up to....

He is changing everyday. He does something new/different/longer/better every day. It's so amazing to watch him grow.

He finds new facial expressions all the time. He smiles soo much and is kinda starting to giggle a little when he's super happy. Oh so wonderful!!

His favorite thing is for you to hold him so he can sit looking out at the world. He just takes in the world and scans the room and looks at everything.
He still loves to cuddle as well and still really likes to be held over your shoulder, especially when he needs comforting.

He's doing really good with his bottle. We've learned that he just needs it pretty warm. If it's lukewarm, forget it; he'd rather starve. We had to bring the bottle warmer to the mall over the weekend so he would take his bottle. Ha! We're also still working on a pacifier...
He has found his hand in the last couple weeks and loves lick and suck on his hand 
He still hasn't completely rolled over again during tummy time (and I have a good 2 hours of it on tape!) but he's rolling and rocking onto his side pretty often, so I feel a roll comming on soon... :)

His head control is really good and he can hold his head up on his own for quite a while. He also still loves tummy time! (This was taken with the video camera, so it's kind of fuzzy)

He's still eating about every 2- 2 1/2 hours during the day and 3-5 hours at night. I'm hoping he starts going longer between feedings's exhausting!

He started sleeping in his crib in his own room about a week ago. We didn't intend for him to transfer over so soon, but I was waiting to for him to wake up so I could feed him one last time for the night, and I got tired of waiting, so I put him in the crib and he stayed asleep for 3 more hours. And that was that. He's slept in his crib every night since. I'm not going to lie, it was really hard for me to know that he was in the other room, but I did better than I expected with it. I just sleep with the monitor about 3 inches from my ear :)

We went to the doctor yesterday for his 2 month check up and we have a healthy growing little boy. :) Well, he may not be little for much longer....

He weighs 12.9lbs (75th percentile)
He's 25 inches long (97th percentile)  <-wow!
and his head is in the 50th percentile (I forgot the exact number)
He's still wearing 0-3month clothes and we just started putting him in size 1-2 diapers. Such a big boy :)

He also got his shots yesterday...tear... It broke my heart to watch him screaming during them. He calmed down really quickly afterwards, which made me really glad. He has some pretty cool camo bandaids on his legs to prove how tough we was. (It's not going to be fun to get those off! Ouch!)

Michael and I love our sweet boy so much and can't wait to see what new things he's going to show us this month.

Happy 2 months sweet boy!!
(I couldn't resist. He's just so cute even when he's grumpy!!)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Name That Tune

Our ABF had our 3rd annual Name That Tune event on Sunday. It is always so much fun getting together with everyone. It gets bigger and better every year. It started out as a small event in the living room of the Cozad's home and this year they wen't all out and had all of their sound equipment set up at the church.

Our ABF is booming with babies and about half of us new little babies, and half are kid-less for now. So, it only seemed logical to split into teams as such. We were on the "Mommas and Poppas" team :)

We were winning by over 20,000 points until the final round! We still came out on top by a couple thousand at the end. Ha! The win, I might add, had nothing to do with Michael and I being on the team! I am absolutely terrible with songs. I knew several of the songs, but I could only "name the tune" of 2 or 3 and they were pretty much all Christian songs, since that's all I know! Sorry team!

The "Mommas and Poppas"

The gear that the "Mommas and Poppas" lug around

The kid-less folks

The whole gang

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Are you sure this is TEXAS?

We got a record breaking snowfall of over 12 inches on Thursday and it was so beautiful!! Our backyard looked like Colorado. This was Bryson's THIRD snowfall in his short little life. :)

Our house under the banket of beautiful snow!

One of my favorite things ever are snow covered trees. It reminds me of the trees on the mountains :) These are the trees in our we just need a mountain to put them on!

Michael's family was one of the lucky ones that lost power during the blizzard and they lost it for four days! That is just crazy! Reecca came over to hang out and get out of the freezing house. Bryson and I were really excited to see her. Bryson couldn't stop staring at her; it was precious :)

Michael was off work on Monday for President's day so we all vegged out in bed for a while before starting the day. It was so wonderful to have Michael home with us! I loved it!! :) 
I love those boys more than anything in this world! :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pictures, Pictures, and More Pictures

More pictures of our little man :)

(I guess it's time to post more pictures when you start getting emails and phone calls about not updating in a while!! ) 

We gave Bryson his first bottle this week! We weren't sure what he'd do because he still doesn't really know what to do with a paci, but he devoured it! It was really special to see Michael feeding him :)

He is smiling SO much now!! He smiles the most in the morning and after a good nap. I LOVE seeing his litle gummy smile. I've been waiting for this for since he was born!

Mimi watched Bryson while I went to the doctor. They had a lot of fun together :)

Bryson took his first trip to the mall!!

We stopped by the kids play area to show him where he'll be playing in a couple years.

Alicia lovin' on B

It's been snowing ALL day today and it's beautiful!! There is a good 4+ inches of snow in our backyard. I put Bryson in the cute little bear outfit and it fit much better than last time. I took these this morning :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend Without my Camera

I'm not sure how I managed to not take any pictures at all this weekend. Weird. We had a fantastic weekend, just no pictures to go along with it :)

Michael and I went to a party for his SMU graduating class on Suaturday night and Bryson got to spend some time with more wonderful babysitters! He spent the evening being loved on by Mama Mel, Papa John, Aunt Reb and Uncle Ben!! I know he had a great time with them because he had been fussy all day, but he was perfect with them (according to them ayway!) We'll have to do it again so I can get a picture!
Michael and I went to The Quarter Bar in Uptown. We had fun getting out and hanging out with friends. (I stole some pics from Facebook :) )

These were the cutest cupcakes ever! I'm totally stealing this idea for Jen's graduation! They're cupcakes with a Reeses Peanutbutter Cup on top with a square of a Hershey's Bar turned upside down on top of that. Super cute!

Also, apparently, there was a Snuggie Pub Crawl going on that night. We went downstairs to leave and every single person was wearing a Snuggie!! It was hilarious! There were even more of them outside and all the way down the street. What a sight.

We went to my parent's house on Sunday for the big game. But, instead of watching the Super Bowl, my mom, Steph and I worked out a little and watched 27 Dresses. SO much better than football, if you ask me! :) Don't worry, Michael and my dad had a manly day of shooting guns at the gun range and yelling like maniacs during the game :)

It's Raining Books!

Last Tuesday, Melony's office gave her a "Grandma Shower," and Bryson, Rebecca and I were invited to join in on the party! It was such a treat to be able to see them in the middle of the week.

We got to meet all of the sweet ladies that she works with, eat chili dogs and watch Melony open up lots and lots of children's books!

Bryson  is going to love hearing all those books read to him over the next several years :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lovin' on Bryson

I love Bryson. Michael loves Bryson. But, my sisters, they love Bryson!!

They have both spent pretty much every spare minute they could with this little boy. It is SO sweet to watch them with him. Bryson brings out a totally different side of them that I've never seen before and it warms my heart.

My mom and sisters have both come over to the house tons of times in the last 6 weeks to love on and hold Bryson. My mom cleaned our house, did laundry, and pretty much all the dirty work for us. Amazing. (I'm thinking about having another baby just so she'll keep cleaning the house.  HA--KIDDING!!) But it was so nice not having to worry about the house. Don't worry, she took lots of time to love on the little cuddle bug, too!

Jen and Steph kept me company and entertained Bryson :) They would hold him all day if they could! Michael even mentioned that they get more "Bryson holding time" than him. Ha! B is missing seeing them all the time now that they're both back in school. Thank goodness for the weekends :)

When we all get thogether, they "fight" over who gets to hold him. Bryson doesn't mind that one little bit; he loves being held by them :) He is going to be one spoiled boy for sure!

Thank you for loving me so much, Aunt Jenny & Aunt Stephy!!

Resolution Check In

So, one month into the new year, most resolutions/goals for the year are dead and done for.

For the past several years, I've always  made my resolutions with someone else, so I have always had someone to keep me accountable. Well, I'm on my own this year, for the most part, so I figured that if I make myself do updates on here, I'll be more likely to stay on track. We'll see about that though!

Let's see how they're coming along:

** Lose the rest of my baby weight by April-- slowly but surely the pounds are coming off. I still have quite a way to go, so I better get my booty in gear (literally! ha!)

**Commit to doing P90X with Michael--Just got the "OK" from my doctor today, so we're starting on Monday!! I am really really excited about starting, but at the same time, I am really really really nervous about it! I'm pretty sure I'll be out of commission for a while trying to recover from the intense workouts. AH!

**Keep the kitchen counters clean-- eh, for the most part they're pretty clutter free. It's a different kind of clutter now. Diaper bag, car seat, baby clothes, burp know how it is. I suppose I should work on that...  :)

**Spend as musch time with the hubs and son as possible-- CHECK!!

So far, so good!! Lets hope February is just as good :)

Hope your resolutions are still going strong!!