Friday, September 11, 2009

Labor Day

I love Labor Day! It's moving up my list of favorite holidays. The holiday never really crossed my mind until I became a teacher and got that 3 day weekend right after school started. I needed it so badly this year. Like I said earlier, I've been really tired lately and that was just what I needed!

Michael and I went to my parent's lake house to celebrate Labor Day. My family was there and Michael's parents got to come on Saturday and spend the day down there. It was so fun and so relaxing! We stayed on the boat most of the weekend, but when we didn't, we were playing washers, fishing, laying out, and eating tons and tons of food.

We just got a new video camera that has some awesome videos of everyone wakeboarding (and wiping out!) and I can't wait to post them, but I haven't figured out how to do it yet, so they will come later.

The family Playing Washers

Dad and I waiting our turn. (Yes, that is a giant handful of Skittles!)

Michael and Brandon were attempting to go fishing, but the boat wouldn't start :)  They had better luck with the boat later, but no luck with the fish. Michael was the only one to catch a fish all weekend!!

Family picture after a day on the boat
It was such and wonderful weekend and I'm so glad Michael's parents got to come. We missed Beau and Rebecca, but hopefully they'll be there next time :) She was busy being brilliant and going to medical school interviews!! :)
I can't wait until the next lake weekend!

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