Wednesday, September 2, 2009


These are a few of the things I'm lovin' right now:
HUGE Dickey's cups!!
(not the food-not a fan of BBQ, but definitely a fan of the cups!)
They save me from refilling my water every 2 minutes!!
Which brings me to my next love...
I've always drank tons of water,but now, I feel like I can never have enough. Ever!
It's getting kinda dangerous. I want everything I see! These are 2 of my favorite onsies right now. (I've been good, I haven't bought them....YET! Ha!)
Asiago Cheese with Honey Almond Cream Cheese. YUM!
Anything chewy. Skittles, Gummy Worms, Gummy Life Savers, etc.
I have wanted very little chocolate-only in cookies! (I've always been like that though)

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