Sunday, October 28, 2012

20 weeks

Halfway!! Well, uhh, I guess more than halfway in this case! ;)
Everything is pretty much the same in twin world, just getting bigger and bigger by the day! I get comments on a daily basis about how much bigger I am today than just the day before. It doesn't bother me in the slightest because I'm just as amazed by my ever growing belly as everyone else!!
I have realized that I have a new craving as of the last couple weeks. Baked Potatoes!! I can't get enough! I think I've had 5 in the last 2 weeks and I'm pretty sure I haven't had 5 baked potatoes in the last 5 years. I'm not usually a fan, but my taste buds have changed!! yummm :)
Everything else really is the same. Sleep is less than stellar, but I'm just going to have to get used to that. My stomach muscles ache all the time from being stretched out so quickly. No doctor appointments this week, next one is Wednesday morning. 
Bryson is such a lovey boy and loves to sit in my lap, but with the big belly, it makes it really hard. We were playing Legos theother day and he wanted to sit in my lap, but couldn't scoot back like normal. He turned around, looked at my belly, and told the girls to move over!! Haha!! It was so cute :) He is seriously the sweetest little kid ever. He reminds me to take my vitamins so his sisters will grow big and strong like him, he loves to help me in the nursery and talk about  all the things he's going to teach his sisters. I love love hearing him talk about them!! I know he "knows" about the girls and that they're going to be part of our family forever, but I keep thinking about how his world is going to be flipped upside down when they get here.
Anyway, the fun part:
And y'all, just incase you don't believe me that it doesn't grow every single day...take a little look at these 2 pictures. Isn't that ridiculous?? :-)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Change of Plans

I had the day off from school on Monday for Fall Break and I was so excited to take Bryson to the zoo. We had been talking about it for days and he was so excited to go see all the animals. Bryson actualy had already picked out his outfit days before!! He has the most impeccable memory of anyone I know and actually remembered the exact outfit he had worn to the zoo months prior and had to wear his zoo clothes on Monday! Isn't that funny!?
Sadly, I woke up early Monday morning not feeling my finest, but I was determined to suck it up and take him to the zoo since we had both been so excited about it. I called my mom to tell her we were running a litte late and she insisted I stay home and she would take Bryson for a fun day. I finally gave in and they went and had the best time! I, on the other hand, spent most of my morning throwing up and then laying in bed/sleeping for over 13 hours that day. It was awful!!
My mom is the greatest! She took Bryson to eat at McDonald's, then over to Celebration park for play for a while. He obviously LOVED it!!
Then she took him to the Safari Park and had a great time! Michael's mom had taken him here a while ago as well and when he got home, he kept talking about how he got to go with Mimi AND Grandma. He thought it was the coolest thing ever!!
After a fun afternoon of playing his little heart out, she took him back to her house and let me sleep and didn't bring him back until 6, when Michael got home from work. I can't even imagine having him at the house with me when I could barely sit up. It's miserable being sick, but even more miserable being sick while pregnant. blaaah...
Michael was so so sweet, he decided not to go to BSF (Bible Study Fellowship), which he goes to every single Monday night, and stay home and watch Bryson for me.
I am so blessed to have an amazing family!! Thank you Mom and Michael SOO SO much!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Trunk Or Treat

We had our first Halloween outing on Wednesday! Bryson was SOO excited about going. He is really into Halloween this year and likes "spooky halloween" things, so he thought it was funny that our church was doing a spooky halloween party (no matter how many times I told him it wasn't spooky!)
He was also thrilled to the core to dress up as Geo from Team Umizoomi!! He's been talking about it for weeks!! His outfit was a little thrown together, but he looked so darn cute. I giggled the whole time I was pulling up his belt!!
Our church changed up their Fall festival this year and did the ever popular Trunk or Treat. It was fun, but if I'm being honest, I miss our old fall festival, it was so much more interactive and fun! They did, however, make up for it with the amount of bounce houses/ inflatbles!!
Bryson was all excited about the idea of candy before we got there, but he could not have cared less about the candy as soon as he saw all the bounce houses! The belt and helmet came off immediately after the first obstacle course because he couldn't go fast. :)
He spent about 30 minutes on repeat doing this same obstable course! He just loves to climb!

He did like this fishing game and kept asking why there wasn't a lake for the fish :)
He worked up an appetite and we took a quick food break
Then went over to the petting zoo
And then back to the inflatables!! :)
They had a Baseball inflatable and of course, he loved it!! I'm sure he would have done it multiple times, but the line was soo long. Our little lefty has a pretty darn good swing!!
Our ABF had an interactive car and had a firefighter training camp, where the kids go through a tunnel in the van and then come out and get candy. It was adorable! They did such a great job with it!!
Bryson and Nate ran all around the parking lot after it was over. They're so cute together! Nate is a month older than Bryson and they have the best time together  :)
Can't wait for our next Halloween outing :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

18 & 19 weeks

18 weeks: beginning and end
Doctor: We had another perinatal appointment this week. We went early Friday morning so Michael could make it before work. We had another sonogram to check on the girls :)
This one was much different that my last sono. As soon as she started pushing the wand on my belly, I started getting really uncomfortable. I can't stand any pressure on my belly, even my pants have to be completely rolled down and I can't wear tight shirts. Anyway, Michael could tell that the pressure from the wand was making me really uncomfortable. I sucked it up for a bit. Then my whole body started feeling weird. I asked her if we could take a break and she immediately told me to sit up while she went to get me some water. Michael was standing right next to me and kept telling me to keep my eyes open, but I couldn't, and a few seconds later I passed out. Thankfully Michael was there or  would have fallen right off the table! I got a wet wash cloth, some water, and rested on my side for a few minutes and then resumed the sono. The nurse didn't really seem phased by it, she said it happens all the time, especially to girls with smaller bodies carying twins since their bodies aren't used to any pressure on the IVC artery in the back. I'm kinda scared that it will happen every time I have a sono from now on (which is every 2 or 3 weeks. :/)
But everything looked great with the girls! They were both measuring 10 oz, when the average weight is 8.5 according to baby center :) Grow girls, grow!! He was please with everything, so that made me happy! :)
Sleep: Is awful. I am constantly exhaused, but it is so hard for me to sleep. It's really hard to get comfortable and then shortly after I fall asleep, I have to wake up and go to the bathroom and then I can't fall back asleep. blah!
Weight: 10lbs, getting bigger!
Cutest things: My parent's bought Bryson a little baby doll for him to practice with. He is SOOO sweet with "Baby Bobby". He always makes sure he has his paci and is covered up with a blanket and loves to put him in th baby swing or bouncer. He is going to be such a great big brother!!  :)
19 weeks:
Doctor: I had a regular OB appoinment and everything looked great there, too. Blood pressure was 106/63, the girl's heart rates were 143 and 138. The nurse wasn't sure she was finding 2 seperate heart beats at first, so she kept trying to listen to other parts of my belly. I was only laying down for about 5 minutes, but actually started feeling like I was about to pass out again. It was such a weird feeling. I hate it! I also was told that I will most likely be told to stop working around 34 weeks (if all goes well and no preterm labor)
Fun things: We went to the Zellner's for lunch which is always fun! The boys stayed and carved a pumpkin while I went to another baby shower for a friend at church :)
I started clearing out the guest room/girl's nursery so I can finally start getting something done in there. I'm fairly certain that this nursery isn't going to be nearly as detailed or as cute as Bryson's was, just for the pure fact that I'm too exhausted to do too much. Sorry girls!
My mom came home from the store with some maternity yoga pants and a few shirts (which is what I'm wearing in the 19 wk picture) and I literally wear them every day when I get home from school. The pants are low rise and don't bother my belly and the shirts are so thin and light and comfy, it's perfect!! Poor michael only sees me in these clothes...and there's a really good chance you will too!! :)
Movement: The girls move around constantly! I feel one or both of them 24/7. Michael got to feel them a while back, which was fun :) I've also started seeing them move so I'm constantly looking down watching them :)
Yay for 20 weeks!! Halfway there!!! :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

10 Year Reunion

Michael had his 10 year high school reunion this weekend. That is soo weird!! I keep thinking he's soo old...but then I remember that mine is next year! eek!
We dated while we were in high school, so I knew several of his friends. We are also best friends with Michael's best friend from high school and his wife and see them at least once a month, so it was nice to have someone that I knew really well there :)
We went to the football game Friday night. Stephanie and I called ourselves the GHS wives club :)
Michael and I
Saturday night was the actual dinner. It was at Easter Hills Country Club, which I hadn't been to in 20 years years!! Michael and I were talking about how we're pretty sure the last time we were there was for Cotillion when we were in elementary school (not at the same time as eachother). There was a decent turn out, a little over a hundred people.
Anyway, as part of the runion, they had "awards" for things: least changed, most kids, still drives the same car from high school, etc.
Michael won the "least changed" award!! Which is great and all, but I'm going to be looking like an old hag all hunched over and gross and he's going to  look like a teenager in 10 years! HA!
We also won the award for "most kids". They counted the twins on the way! :)
We were also the runners up for "longest married" (and lost by one year) and runners up for "highschool sweethearts" (again, lost by one year)
We cleaned house! :)
It was fun going to his reunion and I know he had a blast seeing all his old friends. I know it's a different world now that everyone is on Facebook and everyone still "keeps up" with everyone else, but I know he loved being able to see and talk to everyone in person again. :)
My parents watched Bryson Friday night and my sister, Steph, watched him Saturday night and was in rare form for both of them!! On Friday night, he absolutely insisted (read:threw a tantrum!!) that the three of them eat in the formal dining room, which he has never ever done!! AND he insisted on using 2 spoons at the same time to eat his dinner. Strange kid!!

Starting the stash

This morning, my mom and I went over to the Plano Area Moms of Multiples Sale. My friend Stacy told me about it a few weeks ago and I have been SO excited to go!! I'm actualy joining the organization as well, so it was fun to get to see some of the ladies.
They had SOO much stuff for amazing prices!! The most exciting thing (besides that everything was cheap!) was that there was almost always 2 of everything :) I was getting so giddy as my mom and I were swiping up clothes off the tables or taking multiple loads of goodies out to the car! My mom also got tons of great stuff for her house as well.
It was really fun looking for little ruffles and leggings :)
I LOVE snagging great deals, so this was right up my alley!
Here are some of the awesome things I got!! (I'm seriously so excited!!)
All of the clothes were $1 or $2. There are 2 of several outfits, I just stacked them on top of eachother
2 brown minky bumpers, $10 each!
life jackets, $5 each
a swanky pack n play (which is actually kinda nicer than the one we had for B) $30 --no picture yet
and the best thing...the double stroller i was looking for!! I was talking the lady for a long ime before I bought it and we realized we had quite a bit in common and she kept going down on the cost of stroller just while I was talking to her! Even better!!
The funniest thing was when I got home to show Michael and Bryson all the adorable clothes, Bryson took it upon himself to try on one of the girl's jackets! He thought it was so funny that he was wearing "baby clothes"
Then he even went as far as to try on the 6-9 month zipper jammies!! I was laughing so hard :)
Anyway, did I tell you that I was excited about all the awesome stuff yet? Well, I'm pretty darn excited!! ;)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

State Fair

We took a trip to the State Fair of Texas last weekend and had SO much fun!
The weather was amazing, we actually had to bring sweaters and jackets for the first part of the morning because it was so chilly.
Michael really wanted to stop at iHop for breakfast, but I had every intention on splurging on all the delicious fried food at the fair, so Bryson and I shared a little breakfast.
We got to the fair shortly after it opened and walked around quite a bit.
We go to the fair every year, but there was something on the schedule this year that I had never noticed before. The pee-wee stampede. Its a little arena set up for 3-6 year olds to be "real cowboys" with real tasks for them to complete. I was squeeling with excitement just thinking about him doing it.
Fortunately, after we mentioned the idea to Bryson, he was thrilled about it. He almost couldn't even stand to wait in line; he kept trying to run to the front and open the gate before it was time. :)
Unfortunately, he tried to grab my camera so I would "not forget to take a picture of him" so the lens was kinda blury.
As soon as all the kids got their bib, horse and their hat, the kids paraded around the arena
then sat them on hay bales to wait for their turn to "compete"
Bryson was in the 3yr group and their job was to run through the gate and knock over the "bull" as fast as they could. It was SO cute to hear his name called over the loud speaker :)
After everyone got to compete, they paraded around again.
He even got a blue ribbon, which he was very proud of!!
For the next 2 hours every.single.person. he saw walking by, he had to tell them that he was a real cowboy and he ran through the gate and knocked over a cow. He told us over and over he wanted to go back and be a real cowboy again :) It was precous!
Afterwards, we walked around and saw several shows. We bumped into several friends around the fair, too, which was fun. But with all the walking, I had gotten way too worn out and was not hungry in the slighest for fair food. I was SO bummed. I went to the state fair and all I ate were nachos. What kind of crazy person does that!?? Michael and Bryson were normal fair-goers and consumed plenty of fried food :)
After more walking and playing, we told Bryson he could pick a ride to go on. We warned him that it he would have to go all by himself and we could only watch and he was all for it.  He chose to be a race car driver :)
Michael gave him the tickets. Bryson stood in line (for about 2 minutes) all by himself, gave the lady his tickets, ran to find a car, buckled himself in and was ready to race! I can't believe what a big, independent boy we have. I'm so proud of him!
Needless to say, he LOVED his first "real big boy ride"....and the independence that came with it.
Then, we came back home and Bryson and I crashed for several hours. It was so much fun, but this preggo could barely handle the exhausting trip. We had plans to go back again before it closed, but I bailed out. :)
I can't believe next year, we'll be taking THREE kids!! Ahh!