Tuesday, May 15, 2012

(not) Wordless Wednesday

On request for a wordless Wednesday, here are a few silly pictures from my phone. I promise to get real posts up as soon as school is over!! :)

Our school is getting totally remodeled over the Summer and they with all the big work trucks ok the grounds, this is all my kids do at recess :)

B actually stayed tucked in one nap...apparently he was too sleepy to get up and play after I left the room :)

I was cutting the boys' hair and Bryson was insistant on helping me cut daddy's hair. Michael is such a good sport :)

Bryson has a HUGE attachment to his Bible right now. He took it to church on Sunday and actually asked for me to take his picture (which he NEVER does!) but then every single time I took the picture, he stuck his finger up is nose! haha!! What a stinker!!
He wanted to take his Bible to school this week and is actually sleeping with it next to his bed right now. I LOVE it. It makes my heart smile so big :)

 Steph bought an awesome shirt for Bryson. It's a sock monkey on the front and then when you cross your arms, the picture on the elbows make the monkey face with the mouth open. SO cute :) She just hapened to buy one for herself, too. She chased him around the house "chomping" her elbows and he ran around singing the monkey song :

"5 little monkeys swinging from a tree.
Teasing mister Alligator, can't catch me!!
Along came Mr. alligator quite as can be and
SNAP that monkey right out of the tree!"

I thought it was so cute that his little brain came up with that song on his own  :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Adorableness of Bryson!!

Hi, strangers! I know I haven't posted in forever, and I will get around to posting everything we've been up to the last few months, in oh say, 12 days!! I am BEYOND ready for this awful year to be over with. I am also slowly catching up on reading all your wonderful blogs, too :)

Tonight, we were eating dinner and it started to rain a little so we went and played in the rain :)

Then, we were playing in his room an he was so adorable just making up all sorts of songs, I had to hide the camera to tape it :) its pretty long, but he's just so darn cute :)
(you can tell how ADD he is... He can't even get out a full sentence before he changes to something else ;))

Can not wait to be home with this little man all Summer long!!!

Mother's Day 2012

I celebrated my 2nd Mother's Day. I love being a Mommy, it the most joyous thing in the world!

Michael and Bryson gave me presents and cards before we went to church. I love my thoughtful boys SO SO much!

We went over to my parent's house after church for Mother's Day lunch and of course took some pictures :)

After lunch, my mom opened a few presents

Jen is a designer for Fossil and designed this adorable scarf that just got put out in stores and actually named it "Cindy", my mom's name, and gave it to her for Mother's Day. Um, how can you compete with that!?

3 years ago on Mother's Day, we shared the amazing news with my family that we were having a baby. Now, every year on Mother's Day, everyone asks if we have the same news. I always say the same thing. Neh, just a regular old card. Womp womp. 

I didn't have the exciting card.....MY SISTER DID!!!! She's pregnant!! AHHH!! I am SOOO excited for them!! Can you tell how happy we were!?????

The funniest thing: I actually kinda weirdly anticipated this announcement, so I secretly recorded my mom opening her scarf, thinking it was a reveal. Well, it wasn't so I quit recording. THEN, she gave the card that had the good news (which is why I had my phone in my hand in the picture!!) 

Bryson is reallly excited too! I often talk about the baby growing in Aunt Jenny's belly. He's ready for a friend to play with!!

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom, My Mother-In-Law and now to my sister!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Sky Is Falling!!

Our school is getting remodeled over the Summer, so before the school year was over, we had to pack up 10 rooms worth of curriculum, manipulatives, books, paper, and eeeeeverything else you need in the land of Kindergarten. We started purging old materials and packing in April, a good 2 months before school was out. It was a LOT of work. I stayed there late after school, went up for hours on end on the weekends, and was just flat out stressed and worn out. 

One Saturday after being up at work for 6 hours, I came home to take a shower and saw a little 6 inch faint water spot on the ceiling. Weird, It had never been there before, so I told Michael we needed to call someone...

Then, I went back in a couple hours later to get ready for a Cinco De Mayo party and the bathroom was flooded with water and there was a huuuge crack. AAAHHH!! 

Bryson repeated the same phrase over and over and over and over and.....    for at least a week and a half. 
"Ooooh noooo! it's raining in the bathroom. Ceilings broken. man come to fix it!! " He told anyone and everyone he saw. It was really adorable :) But then at the same time, it reminded me that it was raining in our bathroom :(

It turns out there was a clog in the one of the AC pipes and it was leaking like crazy in the attic. Michael called out AC guy and he walked him through everything to do up in the attic, but said there was nothing else we could do, so I cried a little, put a tarp on the floor to catch the mess and went ahead and went to the party. 

When we got home from the party around midnight, we were greeted with a big 'ol hole in the ceiling.
You can only imagine how many MORE times Bryson repeated his little phrase!

Michael's parents came over to help repair the hole the next weekend and to watch Bryson and I was gopher to and from Lowes to get last minute supplies. 

I'm so thankful to John's knowledge of home repairs :) Aand their willingness to come help, even on their anniversary!

Our bathroom is stiiiiill out of commission because it's all taped up and ready for Michael to finish popcorning the ceiling. Hopefully that will be finished soon!! 

But, thankfully, Bryson doesn't talk about the hole in the ceiling anymore ;)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Jen!

We went to Top Golf for Jen's Birthday. I had never been before and the last time I had held a golf club was when I was a few weeks pregnant. Forever ago. 

I was truly terrible at hitting the ball, but it was so much fun!! Jen and Steph were rockstars! And of course Michael, my dad and Brandon were all great since they actually know what they're doing. 

We enjoyed our night out doing something fun as a whole family and celebrating Jen :)  I think we're all hooked and will be going back, soon! 

And thanks to Ray, he watched Bryson so we could go and not have to worry and a busy toddler running around. He was so amazing; Alicia had a prior commitment, so he watched him all by himself. Bryson LOVES Ray and loved hanging out with him all night :) After we got home, he didn't want to even talk to us, he just ran over to Ray and cuddled up to him on the couch. Precious!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco De Mayo

Jen and Brandon threw a Cindo De Mayo/Birthday Party for Jen this year. They always have the best parties :)

Of course, I was in desperate need of a margarita, considering the ceiling in our bathroom could be falling down at any given moment. 

We all dressed up in festive attire

Even Buster!

Got in touch with our hairy side

had a ton of fun and played a fun card game

attacked a pinata

and celebrated May 5th :)  

It was so much fun!!