Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Soaking up Bryson!!

Belize stories and pictures will be coming shortly!! I have to get some of the pictures from my mom and sister's camera to add to my massive pile so the posts will be complete. :)

But, today has been all about soaking in Bryson. I took the day off today so  I could spend time with him. I have hugged and kissed him no less than 236 times today. I missed him SO much!!

We played a lot at the park!

Then, we had a family fun night when Dady got home! There's a place in Frisco that has THE best little arcade for kids. It is SO much fun! We took Bryson a few months ago and then again tonight and he always has so much fun! Bowling and basketball are the biggest hits for that little man :)

We are both soo glad to be back with our little man!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012


We are having SUCH an amazing, relaxing time in Belize!

It is beautiful, the weather is perfect and we literally have the entire resort to ourselves!

We went on a 2 tank dive yesterday and my dad, Steph, Michael and I were all by ourselves with the dive master. It's quite amazing!

We're chilling today beach-side and then going into 'town' tonight!!

Then, Blue Hole tomorrow!! If you watch The Bachelor, they went to The Blue Hole 2 weeks ago and went snorkeling. It's one of the top 3 places in the world to dive!!! Sooo excited!!

Ok, Putting the phone down to disconnect from the world again :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Puzzle Time!

We just dropped off B at the grandparents for the week and we're in full force shove-everything-into-the-luggage-bag-and-don't-forget-a-thing mode. :)

I always have to take tons of video of Mr. B before we go anywhere so I can watch it when we're gone.

He is just always so happy and fun and I love this cute little video of him and his daddy playing with puzzles :)

Ok....back to packing!! :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

A Night In Italy

On Saturday, several couples from our ABF got together for a murder mystery. It was SO much fun! It was a masquerade themed night that took place in St. Mark's Library in Venice.

We had our character scripts emailed to us and we were prepped and ready to go!

I was  "a ditsy over the top, yet friendly professional shopper to the stars and BFFs with all of today's hottest celebrities."

Michael was a "high demand personal trainer to all of today's hotest celebrities, but had a shady past"

Some of the other couples at the masquerade

It was so so much fun! We were all focused on finding out who the killer was :)

Neither of us guessed the murderer correctly, but I did win the prize for "most in- character" for the night! (I guess playing a ditz isn't really that hard for me!? haha!)

All of the ladies

and gentlemen

Bryson stayed home with Mimi and had THE best time. When I walked into his room the next morning, he saw me, got a serious face and then seriously said, "no mommy. Mimi come back play boodozer (bulldozer)"  Ha! Thanks a lot, little man! :) So glad he had such a fun night!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Date Night- February

We had our February date night last night. We kinda used it as an early Valentine Date as well. :)

It couldn't have come at a better time, because Michael has been working craaazy hard for the past month or so and hasn't even been getting home until 10 or 11 at night...which is long after my bedtime, so I haven't seen him at all lately. Thank goodness for a night out where we could talk  and spend time together. :)

Ray and Alicia came over and watched Bryson for the night. Bryson LOVED playing with them!! They are the first non-family (even though they really are basically family to us!!) members to watch Bryson.

I borrowed a few of her pictures, but here is her blog if you want to see other adorable pictures of their night. :)  They are so good with him!

Bryson woke up this morning and saw Alicia'a Gatorade bottle on the sofa and picked it up and looked around and said, "A-yi-ya dink? Oh no where A-yi-ya go? Ray??" Don't worry, I assured him we'd see them very soon :)

Michael and I decided to keep it low key this month because we have some exciting dates planned for the next few months!! We went to Down town McKinney and had dinner at Sauce on the Square. Delicious. It was so nice to sit and linger with a glass of wine and just sit and talk and tell stories of our crazy lives. 

Afterwards, We walked around the square and window shopped a little and then went to Landon Winery and did a little wine tasting. They were amazing. My favorite of the night was only a mere $70 a bottle... chump change, right? ;) Ha

awwwful pictures, but we didn't want to be obvious with the totally cheesy pictures of us holding a glass of wine. blah

We ended our night with some gelato at Paciugo. Yummm!
I love Michael so much and I love our date nights!! I am already looking forward to March :)


(I should have known better than to think I was going have time to continue the story the next day. Sorry to keep ya in suspense all week. hah)

Ok, onto #3:

Short recap- We went to the Zoo all morning, came home and Bryson was out cold and Michael and I sat down for a few minutes to relax and he got a text from his mom asking where we were and if we were coming....

Michael read the text out loud and we looked at eachother wide-eyed as we both realized at the exact same second that we were supposed to be down in Dallas at his parent's house for Pop's 75th birthday party. HOW in the world did we forget such a big day??
His mom made the plans while were were at their house 2 weeks prior and still, it completely slipped our minds.

We jumped up, gathered a few essentials for B, scooped up our sleeping baby and zoomed off in the car. Of course, he woke up as soon as I clicked him in his car seat and he didn't go back to sleep. So, insteadof getting a 3hr nap, he got 30 minutes. eek.

The entire way down to the house Michael and I were just sick to our stomachs that we forgot. I was so mad at myself; I just felt soo awful. We never ever would have missed his birthday on purpose. Unfortunately, I don't think we'll ever be able to live that down, either. :(

With Michael's speedy timely driving maneuvers, we walked into the house as everyone had sat down for lunch.

We celebrated Pop's birthday with cards, presents, homemade pound cake and of course a few stories from Pop. We love to hear his stories. :)

Bryson loved pushing the shopping cart all over the house and playing with "Uh Beau". He even had to sit criss-cross just like him :)

Beau set Otto in the cart for a second...about 3 seconds after I snapped the picture, Otto jumped/fell flat on the floor. Poor little puppy

The birthday boy and Mr. B

Mammaw and B

Grandma and Papa and B :)

Even though we were a little late, we had such a wonderful afternoon celebrating Pop!
Happy 75th Birthday, Pop!!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

"Zoo Time"

Michael's parents gave Bryson a Dallas Zoo membership for Christmas and we have been itching to go. We finally got a chance to go today and had SO SO much fun! We told Bryson last night that we were going to the zoo in the morning and he couldn't wait until "zoo time!"

He woke up quite early and after I reminded him on the plans, he recited a huge list of animals over and over with "yay zoo time soon" thrown in there every once in a while.

We packed up and headed out and got there a couple minutes before it actually opened.
Before I tell you about our day, I have to warn you that there were three (uuugh. THREE?)  "Mommy Fail" periods of our day. The first --I realized I left my camera sitting on the counter. Uuugh. Anyway, back to our day...

It was amazing. We were literally there all by ourselves along with the workers! We saw a few families here and there, but it felt like a private day at the zoo for several hours. All the animals were fresh and active, the zoo keepers were ready to spout out information about the adorable animals and best of all, we didn't have to worry about keeping Bryson belted down in his stroller...he ran around with us as he pleased (which I think might have been one of his favorite parts :))
(I didn't take anypictures of just animals because, well, I know you've been to the zoo and you know what's there, right? right. Ha!)

He HAD to have his hands in his pockets, just like Daddy!!
Not sure if you've picked up on this, but Bryson is an active kid. Never stops. He had already run around the zoo for well over an hour at this point and had no interest what-so-ever to sit in his stroller. To coax him in his stoller, I gave him some gummie snacks, and as I was strapping him in, I set my coffee thermos in his snack tray across the front. The stroller jolted a little throwing my thermos of coffee (less than luke-warm, mind you--I made it about 3 hours prior) all over Bryson's shirt. Insert "Mommy Fail" number 2. AND, I didn't have an extra set of clothes. I couldn't possibly let him keep a wet, now cold from the wind, shirt on for the rest of our trip so Michael turned into our Superhero again. I stuffed a blanket up between Bryson's tummy and his wet coffee-soaked shirt and Michael ran like the wind down to the front enterance of the zoo to the souvenir shop to buy an over priced cheesy monkey sweatshirt for him. Good thing he's a runner because we just happened to be at THE furthest spot from the enterance in the entire zoo. What luck. Thank you, my superhero husband, for saving the day!!!
Ok, back to the fun!!

He loved pacing around with this crazy lizard. After pacing the length of the window about 15 times, he got down and crawled with it :)

Eww, snakes!

Bryson loved LOVED petting this snake. It really surprised me. We asked him if he wanted to, but definitely weren't pushing him one way of the other, but he ran straight to it. Then, he kept leaving the exhibits we were at to go back and see and pet the snake again. Definitely not my son at that moment!! I think he and Michael pet the snake several times!!

We had sooo much fun at the zoo with our little family! Bryson was totally worn out and passed out in the car on the way home. I was a little worried, but much to my surprise, he even stayed asleep as I unbuckled him from the car, carried him inside, layed him in his bed, and left the room. Which never happens!! We talked about how we figured how he would sleep for well over his normal nap, like 3 or 4 hours since he was just so darn tired from runnning around the Zoo all day!!

We sat down and relaxed for about 15 minutess until we got a text from Michael's Mom saying, "where are you? Are you coming??"

Insert Mommy Fail Number 3....

(I have to load the pictures from my camera and then I'll continue ;) )