Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2 down, 1 to go!!


I'm 2/3 of the way through this pregnancy; I can't believe it!

My Dad told me that hitting 28 weeks is really significant in pregnancy because Bryson is developed enough to where, if for some reason, he had to be born, he can survive on his own with little help from breathing machines. That is so comforting to know! But, as much as I want to see his sweet little face, I think I'll keep him cooking a little longer if possible! :)

Bryson is close to 15 inches long and weighs 2.25 lbs!! He's getting so big!
And speaking of getting big....I am one large mama!! :)
27 Week picture....playing catch up

Me and my belly at 28 weeks

I'm still loving being pregnant! B is kicking so hard that he will shake my whole belly at times. I don't know how he's positioned yet, so it's fun to guess what part of him is jabbing and poking me.

I wake up several times in the middle of the night, which is always fun. I feel like I have to flip over and reposition myself every hour or so, or my legs get tingly and start going to sleep. Orion always sleeps next to my legs, so I think he's getting a little tired of having to constantly move, too. Sorry puppy! Other than that, and growing a beach ball and my front side, I'm feeling and doing great!! I have been absolutely blessed with this pregnancy.

I don't understand how people can go through pregnancy and not know and feel how powerful and wonderful God is. Having Bryson growing and moving inside of me has given me even more love and Awe for Him. Michael and I are so thankful that He is allowing us to be Bryson's parents. I pray that he will grow up to be a man after God's own heart and that we will be Christian examples to help guide him there.

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