Monday, September 21, 2009


So, I am terrible at keeping up with T.V. shows. I rarely ever watch T.V. and when I do I have a slim selection of shows that I like to watch. One of them hapens to be The Biggest Loser and I love love love the show!! I think it's so amazing to see people change their lives for the better and get healthy. I love the show so much that Michael and I dressed up as Jillian and Bob, the trainers, for Halloween last year!

I finally got to watch The first episode last nght. I sobbed almost the entire usual.

But I've noticed something this season. Jillian has gotten down right mean! I've watched every season, so yes, I know that's her style of motivation, but it is out of control! Granted, I've only seen the first episode, but still. I hate when people yell. Like, I get really tense and start sweating. I seriously hate it. Jillian didn't stop yelling  and cussing the entire hour and I wanted to sit on the sofa with my fingers in my ears like a little girl! 

There was a complete change of personality with her towards the end of the show though. She actually got pretty emotional when one of the girls weighed in. It made me happy to see that she isn't just a mean robot :)

I am really hoping it was just to "scare" the people into working out harder. Because I loove The Biggest Loser and I want to watch all of the amazing contestants get healthy and drop unheard of amounts of weight!!! :)

So, Jillian, will you please not yell quite so much on Tuesday so I can enjoy your wonderful show?  :)

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