Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Welcome to da Crib!

Bryson's room is really coming together! It is so neat to see it go from a random extra room/extra study to our baby boy's home. I painted the room over the summer, Michael moved out all the furniture, Michael and his dad put up the chair rail a few weeks ago and now, we have Bryson's furniture in the room!

We found this set when we first started looking at cribs and completely fell in love with it. We looked at tons of other stores and cribs and compared prices and quality, but this was always my favorite (and the best-not that I'm bias or anything :) ). I couln't get it out of my mind!
We ordered it online a few weeks ago and it was delivered to the store last week. Michael and I were SO excited to go pick it up and put it all together!! Silly me, I had figured I would go pick it all up after work, throw it in the back of my CR-V and take it home to wait for Michael to get home to put it together. Well, I took one look at the boxes and realized there was no way they were going to fit in my car : (
Fortunately, my parents have a trailer and came to our rescue!

I was really excited to get the furniture in the house!!
We had to dig into the boxes right away!
Admiring the crib
Michael putting Bryson's bed together
I can't wait to lay our precious little boy to sleep in his crib in a few months :)  True, it will need a mattress before that can happen, but minor details!

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