Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Great Outdoors

Several couples in our ABF decided to go camping for a weekend up in Beaver's Bend, Oklahoma. Michael and I hadn't been camping in years and were really excited to take Bryson for the first time. 

I was really excited about...until the week before we left. Then I freaked out and thought of every awful possible scenario that could happen with Bryson there. No naps. Mr. Crankypants. Poison ivy. Fall in the lake. Jump in the fire pit. Be attacked by a bear. you get the picture. 

Fortunately, he did fantastic and LOVED it!! The no naps part was a reality for both days, but he really didn't have a problem with it. He got a little cranky here and there, but for the most part, just loved being outside and playing with Nate, who is only a month older than him. 

The weeks prior to going, we talked A LOT about what we were going to do while camping: sleep outside in a tent, play games, go to the lake, sleep in a sleep in a sleeping bag, etc. After a few hours of being there, Bryson said he liked "being outside at the Zoo". We all got a kick out of it because I knew he knew we were camping, and not at the Zoo. Well, about 30 minutes later, he was looking at the Bennet's dog and said, "look Mommy, there's a lion here!!" HAHA! no wonder he thought we were at the Zoo!! He had never seen a dog that big before! :)

We pitched our tents

The guys made breakfast. What a treat!

We played. A LOT

Went hiking and paddle boating

The boys ran around the campground while the parents played cards and hung out

They also insisted on playing washers. Constantly.

He was sad to say bye to Nate and Parker, but crashed about 20 minutes into the drive home. Poor kid was exhausted!

We're looking forward to going again. He still requests to lay in his sleeping bag while watching Umizoomi occasionally :) I love making memories like this as a family!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Running through the Seasons

Michael and Steph ran the Big D half marathon and marathon on Sunday. I can't tell you how proud of them I am!

They both did the 4 Seasons Challenge, which challenged runners to run a 1/2 marathon every season for one year, and this was their last race to end the challenge.

They did The Hottest Half

Tyler Rose

Dallas White Rock Marathon

The Big D

The last 2 were nasty, rainy and miserable. It rained most of the morning on them, and still, they did amazing!
Steph ran her first marathon ever in December (White Rock) and qualified for the Boston Marathon with her time. For all the non-runners: that is a HUGE deal!! It is NOT easy to qualify and she did it on her first ever marathon!! Amazing!! She even ran a personal record this race and beat her time (qualifing again!) :)

Anyway, My mom took one for the team and watched Bryson so I could go cheer them on. I didn't want Bryson miserable and wet all morning. It is always sooo motivating standing at the finish line watching everyone cross. Running is very emotional, and even though I didn't know a single soul except Michael and Steph, I found myself tearing up several times. It aaaaalmost made me want to run another half marathon. Actually, no. No it didn't. It made me very happy I wasn't soaking wet running for 3 hours straight. ;)

I'm so proud of you both!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

28th Birthday!

Ray turned 28 on Saturday and had a fun BBQ to celebrate :)  They grilled burgers, we all hung out outside, watched the 2 boys be silly and play together and celebrate the birthday boy.

Bryson loved playing with Jacob

Ray and Alicia filled up the pool for Bryson, and even though the water was freeeezing, he LOVED every second of jumping face first into the water. His little lips were blue!!

Happy Birthday, Ray!! We are so blessed with your friendship!

Monday, April 16, 2012


Good Friday

I was off work for Good Friday, so Bryson and I went to the Zoo and had a blast! Last time we went, we were one of 50 people that were there...we basically had the place to ourselves. It was quite the opposite this time.
We got to the Zoo 30 minutes before it opened, so instead of waiting in the car, we went over to the McDonalds right next door. Coolest McDonalds ever! Bryson loved running around loking at the larger-than-life animal while inhaled some coffee. :)

We headed back over to the zoo and went straight for the Wild's of Africa. We spent about 20 mins with the giraffes; Bryson wouldn't let us leave :)


We went to a friend's 1st birthday bash and then came home to do our family easter egg hunt since there was no way we could do it Sunday morning before going to Michael's parent's church down in Rowlett. I found some amazingly huge eggs and filled them with toys...he LOVED finding the "so much big eggs!!"


We woke up bright and early, got ready for church and went out to see what the easter bunny left him :)

Afterwards, we went down to Rowlett to go to church at LakePointe with Grandma and Papa and then back to their house for another fun easter egg hunt. 

He would run over to every single egg, pick it up, shake it next to his ear and yell, "someting in it! someting in the egg! candy?!" and then try to open it.

Uncle Beau and Aunt Reb helped him empty all the eggs

Family pic

We had a fantastic lunch of hamburgers and tater tots and relaxed and watched some tv for the afternoon.

Sunday Afternoon

We headed over to my parenet's house and got there while all of my Dad's family was still there.

Ray and Alicia met us over there and joined in the festivities :)

It was raining outside by this time, so we had to have the egg hunt inside. Bryson was kinda "done" with finding eggs by this point...his 4th egg he would stand in the middle of the room and turn and point out the eggs without going to find them. haha! He did realize that some of them had Cheerios and Fruit Loops in them and ran to find them to shove them in his mouth :)

We spent a lot of time reading the Easter Story book. I know Bryson still doesn't really understand the real meaning of Easter, but he will one day. It is my hearts desire that he know and love and Jesus and everything he did for us.

We had such a fun and busy Easter weekend and loved every minute of it. We loved being together as a family celebrating Jesus and making fun memories together :)