Tuesday, August 27, 2013

6 month pictures

A few 6 month pictures!!
(Madelynn in the bow, Emily in the flower)


Monday, August 26, 2013

Family Vacation at the Lake

We decided that this year's family vacation wasn't going to be a big trip somewhere, especially with the girls being so young. My parents offered to let us stay at the lake house for a week and it was absolutely perfect!!
we played a lot outside
and inside with the girls. They are pros at sitting and seem to be so interested in moving and trying to figure out how to crawl
We went down to Houston for 2 days to see my Grandma, aunt and uncle. It was the first time for them to see the girls and I am SO glad we had this special time with them!!
My uncle took Michael and Bryson to Dave & Busters to run around and play while I stayed at the house with the girls and Grandma and Aunt. :)
We were treated to my uncle's fantastic food and aunt and Grandma's delicious desserts.
The girls turned 6 months old while we were there. I still can't believe how fast time is going by
The girls are seriously THE messiest eater I have ever seen!! They LOVE baby food, but also "raspberry" it out constantly. I was so embarrassed with the mess they made all over the table and floor. Oh the life of a mom ;)

The next day, the boys went to the aquarium and had a blast! B loved watching the tiger pounce at the glass when he walked in front of him. :)
We loved loved being able to spend time with them. They are so very special to me and I am so glad the girls were able to meet them!! 
We went back to the lake for the rest of the week.
Michael had been planning a "boys campout" in the cottage and Bryson was beyond thrilled about it!! The cottage is usually where my cousins sleep when they come, or Trey, or  sometimes Michael and Brandon sleep when we need extra space. To Bryson it's associated with "the big boys" and he seriously couldn't contain his excitement!!

Michael made it so special. He made popcorn, grabbed some candy, drinks ("lemonade in a can"-B's favorite!! aaand right before bed, a super huge treat!) a few toys and some books.
Bryson gathered everything together and was beaming as they walked down to the cottage. I took a quick picture and then let them have their "boy time"
He was cracking up Michael because he kept asking what "activity" they were going to do next and saying that he "loved their fun activities". Sometimes I feel like Bryson is 3.5 going on 15 years old. :)

There was a burn ban since has been so dry and hot, so we couldn't make a camp fire to make s'mores.
Next best thing?
 The grill! ;)
Messy and delicious!!

I am so thankful for our time away with our little big? wonderful family of 5. I have such wonderful memories of our family vacations growing up and I hope our kids will have their own special memories!