Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Randoms (last 3 weeks)

I would call this "Phone Dump" but basically every picture I take nowadays is on my phone, so that would just be redundant. :)

Some of Bryson's friends at church

Fishing in the backyard

LOVES to cut paper into shreds

The boys taking apart the chib/toddler bed and B helping me paint the walls in his "big boy room"

Building a bulletin board with Daddy at Home Depot...bed head and all :)

His cheesy cheese smile...LOVE it!!

Watching "the big guys with the stong muscles and big boobies swim faaaaast in the water"

Mking a puppet at the Dallas Musuem of Art

I wasn't feeling well so Mimi came over to play with Bryson and clean up the kitchen while B read her a Jesus story. ;)

Bryson wasn't sleepy when I put him down for a nap one day, so he played and made a MESS before falling asleep on the floor

My parents are getting their pool redone and he was really concerned that the guys made all the water go away and he couldn't swim anymore

Super cool

Brandon and Jen asked us to go to the Ranger game with them last week. We even had all you can eat seats...dangerous! It was a lot of fun!

ok...i think I may be all caught up....for a while ;)

The Greatest Show on Earth!

John and Melony took us to the circus again this year and it just never disappoints. It is SO much fun!

Bryson was BEYOND thrilled to be there. He danced so hard and so fast in his chair, he looked like he was having a seizure!

Grandma and Bryson danced to the opening "Clown Song"

I made the mistake of trying to take a picture after the show had started; there wasn't a chance in the world he was going to take his eyes off the show.

He just had the look of pure joy on his face the entire show and would scream with excitement! Grandma and Papa also bought him a really cool sword! :)

The second act was mostly the elephants, tigers and then a TON of all sorts of gymnasts and acrobats. He decided he needed to do every.single.thing. that they were doing. Arm movements, leg kicks, the Vanna White arm display, everything! I was crying, I was laughing SO hard at him. Then, the girls would jump up and "fly" while the guys held them staight above their heads. Can you guess what Bryson did? Yep. He spread out his arms, made his legs stiff as a board and flew right onto Michael's lap and waited for him to lift him up ...whch he did!! It was the FUNNIEST thing ever!!
Then, he tried to do a front roll right into his chair...whch didn't really end well ;)

It was so so much fun! Thank you for an exciting Sunday, Grandma and Papa!! :)

Chuck E Cheese

Michael and I took Bryson to Chuck E Cheese on his 2 year birthday and Bryson had a lot of fun, but I could tell he really didn't remember much of it.

My mom suggested taking him one day a couple weeks ago and he absolutely LOVED it! Everything about it!! His favorite games were basketball, football and baseball....imagine that! He played the basket ball game about 13 times in a row. He was really good, too! ;)

Shortly after we got there, ChuckE came out and told us to follow him.

We had to do the Cupid shuffle with him and then he gave us a ton of free tickets. Bryson really got into dancing and was still singing it days later :)

He had the best best time running around playing games.

He could have cared less about all the cool toys he cashed his tickets in for, he was just thrilled that I let him get a few pieces of candy!

We went over two weeks ago and every.single.morning (even this morning!) he wakes up, puts on his Mickey slippers, jumps out of bed and announces he's ready to go to Chuck E Cheese and then tells me I need to change clothes and go get Mimi from her house ;)

Maybe we should take him back there soon!