Friday, February 20, 2009

Chi Alpha

Michael and I were a host home for Chi Alpha (much like Disciple Now) this weekend. When I found out that we had 11th grade guys, I quickly bought out the grocery store. I figured 9 guys would eat quite a bit of food, so I made a lot of cookies and brownies, hot sauce, and some other stuff. Little did I know just how much "a lot" of food really was! In the 1 1/2 days the guys were at our house, they went though: 4 dozen cookies, 2 batches of brownies, 2 dozen eggs, 4 lbs of spaghetti and countless bags of chips. That's a lot of food! But I LIVE for things like this. My top 2 spiritual gifts are service and hospitality and I was definitely meant to be a part of this weekend. It absolutely thrills my heart to be able to use them for such a fun and meaningful purpose.

Beyond being able to open up our home and fill their tummies with lots of junk food, the weekend was fantastic! Saturday was a jam packed day! The main event of the day was a "Where's Waldo Video Scavenger Hunt". Every group received a Waldo head and they could dress it up however they pleased. Our guys decided to make a gangsta waldo:

So we had 4 hours and 30 tasks that we had to complete. We went around town taping all the tasks. Waldo had to be taken everywhere. Some of the ones I can remember off the top of my head are: Waldo doing a conga line in a grocery store, Waldo on the Sachse train with a stranger yelling Waldo is "dead sachse", Waldo at the dog park, Waldo dancing with a stranger, Waldo waiting at a DART station, Waldo in a firetruck

and Waldo taking an order at a fast food restaurant.

We didn't quite win, but it was lots of fun! I heard a rumor that the Waldo videos were going to be put on youtube, so if it's true, that will have to be posted on here as well:) All in all, it was a great weekend! I think I am going to have to sleep for 3 straight days to make up for the sleep I missed, but it was worth it. :-)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Martha Who?

I have always been a crafty girl, and I LOVE to make things. I would rather make something myself than buy it off the shelf. (Maybe that's why I like to cook, too!) Well last month, Michael and I went shopping in Downtown McKinney and I fell in love with everything there! I found some candles that were super cute and I really wanted them, but they were pretty expensive. ($50 to be exact) I thought to myself, "Why would I buy them when I could make them way cheaper and cuter?" So I did and this is how they turned out! (Mine were $22)

I also had been looking for a tall lamp for the kitchen, but again, all the ones I liked were $90-$150 (Yes, even at Steinmart and Tuesday Morning!). That wasn't happening either, so I made my own!! All you need is a candlestick, a drill, lamp making kit, light bulb and lamp shade. This is the finished product. ($37)

I am now on a mission to find a new project. I really want to make something with tools, like a bookshelf or something, but you need too things that we don't have for that. I'm up for ideas...what should my next project be?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our 8th Valentine's Day!

Well, I am obviously not very good updating our blog:( oops!
I actually think of things to write about every single day, I just never get around to it when I get home. :) Anyway...


Michael and I woke up at 6:30 on Saturday and put on our running gear to run the Cupid's Couple's 5K Run at Stonebridge in McKinney. Sounds corny, I know, but we love doing things like that together! Ever since we signed up, I had been telling him that I was going to make really cheesy shirts for us to wear to run in, but then at the last minute I decided not to. Michael, being the sweet husband that he is, bought the most perfect shirts for us. You can't see them in the picture, but they say "i love my husband" and "i love my wife". LOVE it!! (I have actual pictures, but I don't have my camera at the moment, so they will be added later. Forgive this yucky picture :) )

Afterwards, we packed up the car, got Orion and were off to Austin for the rest of the weekend! We got to hang out with Rebecca and Beau, and O loved having another puppy to run around with! We had so much fun! (That would be where my camera is at the moment. Oops:) )

How blessed am I to have just spent my 8th Valentine's Day with my husband? I can't believe how time flies! I love him more and more every day and I am looking forward to all the Valentine's in the future!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Look Who Has A Blog!

YAY! It seems like everyone I've ever known since high school has a blog. And now I do too! Katy and Tammy talked me into starting one at the Super Bowl Party at the beginning of February and I have been really excited about starting one. I actually went home and signed up the next day, but have yet to post anything until tonight. So we'll see how often I actually update it. :)

I do know a few things about my blog already...
* Most of my posts will be about my life loves:
my hubby
my puppy
my family
and my kiddos at school!
* I am going to try to put as many pictures in the posts as possible. It's so much more enjoyable to read things that have pictures:) *** Note: right after I wrote this, I tried to insert pictures and I realized I have no idea how to do hmm. If you would like to help make my blog beautiful, leave a comment and let me know!***

* I am either going to going to become obsessed with this blog, or it will be a short phase that I go through.
Yay for Kristin having a blog :)