Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Peek A Boo-In Daddy's Closet

First off, I love this video. Bryson LOVES to play peek-a-boo and it's just adorable :)

Second, I have like 30 other posts I've been meaning to write like: my sister's wedding, Thanksgiving, More things that Bryson's doing, etc, but all I can think about is Bryson's party in FOUR days! Oh my!

But, until I can actually write some "meaty" posts, this will have to do :)

AND, while I was in the middle of this post, I whipped out my phone to catch B in action. (You can actually see this blog post in the background. haha!)
And, Yes, I was lauging at my son. A lot. :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday- Wedding Cake Style!

Now I know he's going to love his birthday cake! :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

11 Months!

Bryson is 11 months old! Holy moly! I'm just trying to take the next month one day at a time because I don't think I'm prepared to have a one year old yet. It's just not possible!

Life is pretty much in fast motion right now. My sister just got married (yay!!), we're trying to get ready for Thanksgiving, then Bryson's birthday party witch is only in 13 days (eek!) and then Christmas! Whew...that's a lot. 

Ok, on to the star of the show. :)

Bryson has been doing a LOT of:


spoon holding (rarely seen without one)



sticking his tongue out (new favorite thing right now)


talking (finally, finally saying mama!!)

tiger taming

begging with his friend, Orion,  to go outside

playing outside


eating (more and more table food)

kisses (loves to give kisses-especially to monkeys, even ones on the rug!)

Bryson is just a ball of fun! Michael and I love just spending time playing with him; he makes us laugh and smile more than anything. He's learning so much everyday and loves to squeel and point at things. Besides having an ear infection and Thrush, he's been a wonderfully happy and easy baby.

I started a pretty firm bed time routine with him about 2 months ago and it was the best thing I've ever done. There are no tears at all when I lay him in the crib and half the time he starts to fall asleep on my shoulder when I start singing. SO sweet. :)

I can't believe that my next montly post is going to be the first yearly post as well. This year has gone by so quickly, but these past 11 months have been the best 11 months of our lives. Bryson, Mommy and Daddy love you so so much, sweet boy!

Happy 11 months!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bath Time!

Bryson loooves bath time and usually tries to climb straight into the bath by himself. He'll play and splash and squeal for a while, but as soon as he sees the towel, he tries to climb right back out to be wrapped like a burrito :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Change Of Plans

If there's one thing we've learned by now with having a baby, is that no matter how hard you try to plan for something...your plans will ALWAYS change!

I got a call from Bryson's daycare saying that he was running a little temp, but no big deal, just letting us know. I left work early and tried to get in to see his doctor, but no luck, so we went home and played and he seemed perfectly fine. I (again) just chalked it up to teething.

I had been dying to take Bryson to Stonebriar Mall on Saturday because they were having a big show for the kids and then Santa was going to arrive at the end of a parade on a vintage firetruck. Since Bryson was feeling alright, Michael and I decided to go. I LOVE Christmas and I pretty much turn into a 5 year old little girl around this time of year. Today was no different. I was so giddy and excited that Bryson was going to get to see Santa for the first time!!! We sat around for a while watching "David Chicken" sing some kid songs and play games. Bryson LOVED seeing the big stuffed animal mascots. He kept pointing and smiling.

We were waiting patiently for Santa and about 5 minutes before he came, I looked down and Bryson had thrown up all over himself. Our plans immediately changed---no Santa for us. We rushed to the bathroom and stripped him down and for some reason, I had no spare clothes for him and the stores weren't open yet since it was so early. I couldn't put his clothes back on him because they were soaked, so I desperately tried to make a burp cloth fit around his cold naked little body. I'm sure I looked like the worst mother in the world as walked out of the mall to the parking lot in the 40 degree weather. :(

We finally got an appointment that afternoon and found out he had yet another ear infection and thrush. In case you're keeping track, this is his fourth ear infection. Since he's been on antibiotics pretty much non stop, he got thrush (an infection in his mouth). He apparently has a really high pain tolerance because we never catch his ear infections until they are full blown and he's throwing up and sick as a dog. They gave him a shot of antibiotics which knocked him out for a while, thank goodness. He had a really hard night and hadn't slept at all. Michael and I both had to hold back tears on this trip to the doctor. It was so hard to see him laying there completely miserable. This was definitely the saddest and sickest we have ever seen him. Poor baby just layed on my chest all afternoon.

Thankfully, it didn't last too long. He started "acting like Bryson" again later that night.

Don't worry, we'll eventually get back to the mall to see Santa! :)

Friday, November 12, 2010


A while back, I was chosen to host a Gerber "House Party." (It's basically a different way to advertise their line of start smart/healty food for babies.)
I was super pumped that I was going to get to host a party!
Until I found out the date...they wanted it to be November 20, the same day as my sister's wedding, so sadly, I had to let them know that I was out. :( Well, I kept getting emails and updates about the party and such and then got the tracking information a few days ago! I guess I need to figure out a different day to have the party because....the boxes came this week!! Let me tell you that Gerber does NOT skimp on their parties!! They go all out. They even included plates, napkins, cups, bibs, balloons and a big poster. I mean, how amazing is that!? See for yourselves:

They let you invite up to 14 guests and send TONS of free stuff and samples as party favors. Some of the goodies (per person) are: insulated Gerber bag, yogurt bleds(sitter), puffs, formula, baby food, Gerber Graduates cereal twists, yogurt blends snacks(toddler), smart sips beverages and lots of coupons.

Oh man, I can't wait to have this fun (and yummy (for the babies)) party!!! :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wordless(ish) Wednesday

Mall play yard = Bryson's new favorite place to play!!

We went after his doctor appt last week so there were only like 4 other kids there and he had SOO much fun! He loved watching the bigger kids and he truly tried to talk and play with every one of them. He even made a little friend, too! :) This is the best kind of place for Bryson since he can crawl and climb all over everything...and that's exactly what he did. We ended up staying for quite a while because he was having a blast!!

We'll be going be VERY soon!!

(Fine. this wasn't even close to "wordless"! Haha!)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sugar Rush

This was a weekend of firsts for Bryson.

To start off, Bryson spent his first night ever away from mommy. It was quite a heartache for me, but Bryson had so so much fun playing with Mama Mel and Papa and I had a blast at Jen's bachelorette party :)

While he was at Mama Mel and Papa's house, he had his first M&M.

On our way home from the mall on Saturday, Michael and I decided to stop and let Bryson get his first haircut. (well, it wasn't truly his first haircut. I've cut his hair several times because it is always out of control, but this was the first real haircut!)

He was also given his first lollipop to keep him still in the car.

He did awesome and just sat and looked around and even watched his first Buzz Lightyear movie.

And, he got his first fohawk with gel. Cutie!

Later that night, we went to Walmart to pick up a few things. He had been playing with a Crunch bar in the car and then took it in the store.

Michael took Bryson to look at Christmas trees and I went to get some hairspray. We reunited 2 minutes later and I noticed Bryson had chewed through the wrapper and was eating his first chocolate bar! He obviously loved it!!

He was most definitely on his first sugar high as we walked around Walmart. He squeeled and talked at the top of his lungs while standing up backwards in the cart and  waving and trying to get the attention of every single person in the store. Michael and I were dying laughing at him!He is such a mess!!

We always have so much fun spending time as a family. I wouldn't trade these sweet days for anything in the world!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dr. Y

Rebecca started med school in August and has been working crazy hard ever since. I'm going to toot her horn and tell you that she's already the top of her class. Hello 2nd valedictorian speech! :)

Anyway, she had her white coat ceremony this past weekend and we all went to "cheer her on" :)

The future doctor and her nephew before it started.

The ceremony was really, ahem, long, so after 2 hours or so of sitting and listening, Bryson and I went and played around outside. He had a blast crawling up on the window ledge and smooshing hs face against the glass.

We went back inside just in time to see her get her white coat. YAY!!!

Congratulations, Rebecca! We're love you and are so proud of you! :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's...

Super Baby!!

Bryson has had a wonderful 1st Halloween! We went to our church's Fall Festival on Wednesday, an awesome carnival at daycare on Friday, and then had Ray and Alicia came over on Halloween to watch the Rangers game and pass out candy to the trick-or-treaters. Hello, Superbaby!! :)

I had been looking forever for a cute trick-or-treat bag for Bryson that he could use for several years and just couldn't find one I loved. So, I asked Katy's mom to make one for him and I love it!! She made him a little diaper bag that we take to church and now he has  Halloween bag. You should check out her store!!

Super baby likes his cup and wouldn't put it down :)

Usually, our Superbaby is super happy, but lately, he's been and SUPER grump. Like for the last week or so. I was really hoping he wasn't getting another ear infection. Well, I discovered the reason this afternoon. He's cutting both of his bottom molars. Poor baby!! Hoping the pop through quickly and he can get back to being a super happy superbaby soon!!

Happy 1st Halloween, Bryson!!