Sunday, September 20, 2009

No Rain, But There Was a Shower!!

I had the privilege of hosting one of my best friend's bridal shower on Saturday. It was so much fun and we had a great time celebrating with her :)

The food spread: We had lots of great food, some delicious cupcakes topped with Ring Pops, and an awesome chocolate fountain.

Kaylan made precious heart shaped ice cubes for the punch!

We played a fun "Memories" Game. Everyone writes down a fun/sweet/silly memory they have with the bride, but at the same time trying to make it somewhat vague. The bride reads the cards out loud  one at a time and tries to figure out which guest wrote each card. It's a fun ice breaker and also gives everyone a chance to hear fun memories about the bride :)

Then it was present time. Yay for presents!! She got some great stuff :)

Me with the Bride :)

Alicia, Stephanie, Kaylan and Me- The 3 hostesses with the Bride!!

The whole Bridal Shower gang

Alicia is slightly greatly addicted to chapstick. Like, it never leaves her hands. Ever.
So, for the shower favor I put labes with her initials and the shower date around a tube of Chapstick. :)  (Sorry it's a bit blurry)

I feel so honored to be her Matron of Honor and so blessed to have such a wonderful friendship with such a sweet girl. It was so much fun and I can't wait until she and Ray finally get married in November!!!

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  1. Thank you thank you thank you! I can't possibly say that enough! Everything turned out so wonderful and I know we all had such a great time. It was very special and I'm so thankful for such great friends in my life. I have an amazing Matron of Honor:) I'm so lucky:) Plus great pics lady!