Thursday, June 30, 2011

Such a Ham

Bryson and Daddy were pushing the car back and forth, and after watching Michael reach for the car that was a little out of his reach; Bryson decided that he had to do it too!! He is such a ham :) 

And, since I finally fgured out how to add videos in here again, here is the funny video of Bryson turning on and off the vaccuum. Love his adorable laugh!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Catching up

I appologize; I have been a bad blogger over the last month or so. I have, however, been a blogging machine over the last couple days to try to chatch this baby up to speed!!

I post-dated several of the posts so they are in order, so I'll do a quick linky link in case you want to hop over and read any of them ;)


Family Weekend at the Lake

On Saturday, Michael's family came up to my parent's lake house, so we had all of our family together for the day. We had so much fun!!

We spent a lot of time sitting around talking, playing washers, and running after Bryson.

The ski boat was broken, so the boys all went out in the fishing boat for a little bit while Rebecca and I cooled off in the lake.
Bryson joined us after his quick spin in the "bo" (which he loved!). It was his first time swimming in the lake (which he loved!)

If you ever wanted to know what a little boy looks like with lipstick ketchup all over his lips, here you go!  ...or "cheese-ing" with food squishing out of his mouth! Eww, gross!!

We did a lot of relaxing and really, just had a great time being together!!

Bryson was loved on so so much! He ran around and played so hard on Saturday and then slept until 9:30 the next morning!! (that has NEVER happened before!!)

Like I've said before...we have the best families!! We love you!!

Week 1- God Made Water

While I'm at home with Bryson over the Summer, I decided to have themed weeks. I've been gathering ideas for the last few months and now attempting to put them into action. I've found scripture that goes along with each theme and we constantly talk about it.

Week One-
God Made Water. Genesis 1:9

We did something related to water everyday throughout the week. I constantly repeated the Bible verse when we saw water, whether it was dancing in the sprinklers, playing in the bath tub, drinking ice cold refreshing water, swimming, etc.

For the first couple days, when I asked Bryson who made water, he would look up, point to the sky and yell, "DOG!" haha. Close, baby, but not quite. After LOTS of practice, now he'll say "Gah" ;)

Here are some of our activities:

Spash Park

Bath Time

Me: "Bryson, where's the water?"
B: "I dun knooooooow!!"

Swimming in Mimi and Papa's Pool

Coloring a picture

I cherish my time with Bryson and seeing him learn about everything that God has made just makes my heart smile. I long for the day when he turly understands and knows the Lord. I can not wait!! But as for now, we will be doing our best to start his foundation!! :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

18 Months

Holy Moly. Bryson is one and a half. And he is SOO much fun!!

He is learning new things and new words and phrases every day. It's so amazing! If I could learn this quickly, I could learn every SAT word in a matter of days! haha. Anyway, he's so smart ;)

We have been so so blessed with him. He truly is the happiest, most easy going kid. He say's "deese" and "tayk-too" on his own about 40 times a day. He rarely has tantrums and if he starts getting riled up, he can be quickly distracted with a song or fun toy or he uses his "big boy words" (deese-please, hel-pah-help, moe-more, no-no, ah-yin-open, ou-yied-outside, uhh-pah-up) which are magic in our house!

He's finding his independent side and has to do most things by himself. If you try to help, he will shoo you away and say "no". These things include: putting on his pants or swim diapers, anykind of buckle, getting up on the sofa or chair, eating with a fork or spoon (thankgoodness he's good at this now; mealtimes were getting super messy) throwing things away, unloading the dishwasher (after I take out all the silverware) and putting on his shoes.
In case he can't quite do it on  his own, he's quick to yell "hel-pah" with so much emphasis on the last part of the word, that if he yelled it at a Greek wedding, someone is sure to throw down a few plates!!

He loves loves LOVES the Swiffer and the Vaccuum. It's so crazy. He will literally swiffer the entire house for me. And everytime the vaccuum comes out, he runs to help. We take turns cleaning- mommy vaccuums and then bryson uses the hose. He is such a good share-er :)  One day, I was cleaning under the sofa and he turned off the vaccuum and he died laughing. I played along and we continued for a good 10 mins. (The video isn't working, so I'll add it later)

He is such a ham and if he knows people are watching him, he will do the goofiest things to hold their attention and get a few laughs. He is definitely a little camera hog and has "deese" down pat. He will yell "deese" with a giant grin until you snap a picture of him.

He also loves our phones. We have a few apps for him on there and he knows exactly how to turn it on, unlock and then go to the "moo" app.

He is still Daddy's little sports fan and loves to play hoops and golf and now kicks a ball into his soccer goal. He gets so excited when he sees a "bahh" on the "teedee" and points and jumps until it goes away.

Also, we discovered the awesomeness of Bubble Guppies. It is THE cutest show for toddlers; Bryson asks for "bubu bugu" all the time. He rarely sits still, but for the cute little songs and fish, he will sit for a good 10 minutes!!

He played his first video games this past weekend. One was at Best Buy when he went nuts with the Kinect and the second was waiting at the hair salon to get his hair cut. I swear some things are just in boys' genes, because I showed him where the "jump" button was and it was like he was actually playing the game. True, he had no clue what he was doing, but he got a ton of points; I was blown away.

The kid has SOO much energy and is always moving. I can hardly keep up with him! Thankfully, he plays hard and he sleeps hard. He is an awesome sleeper and will literally tell you it's time to go "nigh nigh" if he's tired. He hasn't put up a fight to go to bed in months and will blow kisses as I walk out the door. BUT, he has started crawling out of his crib... crazy enough, it's only while I'm folding laundry in his room. It's like a game for him. He's never done it during actual sleep time, so we're holding off on the big boy bed...I don't think I could handle that!!

Ok, I could type for another hour about how fun and sweet he is, but I'll spare you :) We go to the dr tomorrow and I'm already dreading the shots. eek.

Happy 18 Months, sweet Boy!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the best Daddy I could have ever dreamed of for our little boy!

We woke up Michael with  big yummy breakfast in bed. (note to self--get a pretty tray for occasions such as these for the future!) Bryson thought it was so silly to bring food into the bedroom!

Bryson gave him an IOU for a Maverick's championship t-shirt (the only size I could find in a shirt I like was a 3XL)

I always knew Michael would be a wonderful Daddy, but he has blown me away with his loving heart and sweet, calm spirit with Bryson. He is the sweetest, silliest, most loving man. Bryson LOVES his daddy. He does every.single.thing. that Michael does...

Put on deodorant- check!

Get geared up to go running- check!

Watch sports- check!

Eat like a big boy- check!

These are just a few of the things. Believe me. He is very much a Daddy's boy ;)  I am 100% ok if Bryson grows up to be exactly like his daddy.

We went to Michael's parent's for a Father's Day dinner.
How many Fants does it take to grill burgers? :)

We also had homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream. YUM!!

Happy Father's Day to my dad, too! It was strange not being able to celebrate Father's Day with him this year, but they were in Alaska. :)

Happy Father's Day to three amazing loving fathers who love the Lord, love their wives, love their kids and love their families!!