Monday, September 28, 2009

He Tri'd...and He Succeeded!!

Michael did his second triathlon on Sunday. He considers the first one just a practice since it was so short and all indoor, but shoot, he did it and I'd count it! Michael still says this was his first. :)

Anyway, he did AWESOME!! I am so proud of his hard work and dedication to working out. For the past couple months he would go to work, go straight to class (until 9:30) and then stay and swim/bike/run at the SMU campus. He's so dedicated to everything he puts his mind to.

First was the swim... (If you look close...really really really close, you can see him in the water. Can't see him? Eh, me either. We can pretend though :-) )

He finished the swim so quickly I almost missed him transition to the bike

Just finished with the 12 mile bike ride

And he's in the home stretch....finish line is in sight....

YAY!! Congratulations Baby on finishing the triathlon!!! I wanted to run and jump on him and hug him to death, but I think I would have broken him if I did. So, instead, I stood next to him and smiled like a super proud wife and patted him on the shoulder :)

Next was Ray's turn to cross the finish line! YAY Ray!

Their friend Dustin did the triathlon as well. Way to go boys!!

*** So, at one point I ran down and back up a hill pretty quickly to take a picture of Michael transitioning from his bike to the run. I got the picture and then ran back down and up the hill to find Alicia again. I was so stinkin' exhausted and out of breath that I could barely talk. I felt slightly bad for saying I was tired after that.... and my husband was in the middle of a triathlon! Heheh :)

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