Friday, December 21, 2012

Elf On The Shelf

As soon as Thanksgiving was over, we started talking a lot about Christmas. We told Bryson that he could ask Santa for an elf to come live with us for a while. We had been watching the Elf On The Shelf movie all year long and he knew good and well how the whole thing worked. :)
Well, one night we "heard" jingle bells in the front yard and had to go look to see what was there.
Santa left a gift just for Bryson on the front porch!
He even saw Santa fly by ;)
He was SO SO excited that it was his very own elf!
Daddy read him the story, but he wasn't too interested in the long book.
He was really just staring and waiting for the elf to jump out of the box and move ;)
We spent a lot of time trying to get him to name his elf, and we threw out tons of ideas for him, but he was absolutely adament that his name could only be Elf On The Shelf. Ha! So, our little red friend is just called elf....maybe next year he can have a real name.
Elf has been pretty obedient, we haven't had anything crazy. I didn't take pictures of all the days and he may or may not have even stayed in the same spot a few days in a row. :) He also doesn't "spy" on Bryson. He likes to go back and tell Santa all the nice, kind, big boy things that he does.
A few of the places he's landed:)
And, on his birthday, Elf was caught eating Bryson's birthday donut! He got a big kick out of that :)
I'm so excited about this fun tradition!!

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