Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Day

(this is a super long post...we had a fun busy Christmas Day!)
Christmas Eve was pretty eventful and left us all exhausted. Bryson was the last to wake up and as soon as he did, we made our way to see what Santa left under the tree!
Bryson spotted his bike immediately and was in LOVE! He was so excited! He kept calling it his 3 year Christmas bike :)
After some persuasion, he continued opening the rest of his gifts
After everything was opened, we hurried off to Beau and Rebecca's house for our Fant Christmas!!
We had a yummy breakfast and then got to open gifts. Their tradition is to always open one gift at a time starting with the youngest and continuing until everything is open. It's so different than my family, but it's so fun because you get to enjoy everything everyone else gets :)
Emily and Madelynn got to technically open their gift first and they got a 2nd crib! yay!!
Bryson got spoiled with some really fun gifts! He got another zoo membership (yay!!), a trip to the Perot Museum, some toys, roller skates and fun old timey collectable cars.
He was so funny about opening the gifts. He was very careful about taking off the ribbon and on a couple gifts, he had to take off every single piece of tape and stick it in a pile and THEN he could open the present :)
Uncle Beau was quick to jump on the floor and play with him and the awesome cars!! :)
Bryson had to try out his "Geo roller skates"
I always enjoy sitting and talking to all of his family :) I am so abundantly blessed to have married into such a wonderfuly family that I love so much!
Shortly after, we got the beginnings of our white Christmas!! Bryson was getting so excited about the snow...and so was I!! It started coming down harder and harder. SO exciting!!
After a delicious lunch, we headed (slooowly) over to my parent's house for Christmas over there.
Bryson was in present opening mode so he ran straight over to the tree to look for "presents with the letters B-R-Y-S-O-N Fant" on them
We got washer and dryer pedestals (which we have had for a month or so and have been a LIFESAVER!!)
B loaded up on fun things again
Trey and Steph
After most of the gifts were open, Bryson decided he needed to go swimming in all the wrapping paper. He thought it was THE funniest thing in the whole world. Then Steph and Trey jumped in and Bryson just died laughing! SO, naturally, everyone had to take turns hiding in the paper :)
The only way I could convince Bryson to take a break from playing with his toys and go take a nap was to tell him I would take him to go play in the snow as soon as he wakes up.
We rarely get snow where we live, so this was really Bryson's first time to enjoy and play in the snow. He loved it!!
He even made a snow angel :)
(this was supposed to happen Christmas Eve, but plans changed since my mom was sick)
When we were growing up, every year when we went to my grandparent's house in Houston, Santa made a special visit to the house. It was so special to see him and I love having the memories of all of the cousins getting SOOO excited that he came to our house. Unfortunately, my Granddad never seemed to be at the house at the same time Santa was there ;) I'm so excited that my parents wanted to carry on this special tradition with their grandchildern!!
Later that night Steph, Bryson and I made a gingerbread house while Santa got ready to make a stop at our house!!
We heard a knock on the door and Bryson ran to get it. I SOOO wish I had a picture of his face when he saw Santa at the door- he had absolutely NO clue Santa was going to be behind the door and really took him by surprise!
He was pretty apprehensive about getting near or talking to Santa. He wouldn't give him a hug or high five or even knuckles and the only way we could get a picture with him was if he sat in my lap and I sat by Santa.
But as soon as he left, he could NOT stop talking! He was SO excited about his new toy from Santa and to tell Papa (who just happen to come home from "picking something up from the store") all about it!
This video is so cute :) I love watching his excitement!!

It snowed pretty hard all day and even though we only live 20 minutes away, the roads were pretty bad, so we decided to spend the night.
The next morning, Bryson and Mimi made pancakes
and as soon as everyone woke up, we all went outside for a snowball fight
it was so fun!
I was just an innocent bystander taking pictures....and then KaBOOM!  ;)
It really brought back memories spending the night at my parent's  house again. It was a fun morning playing in the snow!!
We had such a wonderful Christmas this year spending time with both of our families! Next year, we're going to have 2 more little girls to add to the mix which will just make it even more fun!!

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  1. What a fun Christmas day! Matt's family opens gifts just like Michaels family does and I love it. I wish my family would do the same!!