Saturday, December 22, 2012

interview with a 3yr old

Q: what is your name?
A: John Bryson Fant B-R-Y-S-O-N 

Q: what animal do you like?
A: elephants and giraffe. Only those. And not a raccoon. 

Q: what is your favorite color?
A: (looks down at his green shirt) green 

Q: where do you like to go?
A: to the zoo and home and Tom Fum 

Q: what do you like to play?
A: toys at home
Q: what do you like to do outside?
A: play soccer ball and baseball 

Q: what do you like to do inside?
A: build a zoo
Q: what do you like to wear?
A: basketball pants and a soccer shirt. And a baseball shirt and baseball shoes

Q: what's your favorite book?
A: cick cack moo (Click Clack Moo Cows That Type)

Q: what is your favorite show?
A: Mike a Knight and Team Umizoomi and Dora and a Christmas movie

Q: what is your favorite song?
A: Jesus Loves Me, then he started singing ABCs in Spanish
Q: what do you like to do with daddy?
A: sing a song with him, make a pizza and put it in the oven and cook it 

Q: what do you like to do with mommy?
A: be silly and play games in my room

Q: what are you going to do with Emily and Madelynn?
A: play basketball with them
Q: do you know about anybody from the bible?
A: baby Jesus and Noah with the boat like Papa’s 

Q: what do you do when you are three?
A: the paci fairy comes and takes all the pacis and gives them to al the babies

Q: where do you sleep?
A: um, in my big boy bed because I’m a boy 

Q: what food do you most like to eat?
A: candy! Mommy, I need some candy right now!  (later, I got a real answer) yogurt, and hamburgers with cheese, and banilla ice cream, and gummies, and French fries with loooooots of ketchup!   

Q: what do you like to drink?
A: water and milk and cranberry juice and lemonaide and juice bags 

Q: who are your teachers?
A: Miss Alicia and Miss Laura, they are at my gool 

Q: can you count?
A: yes mommy. (then counted to 26) (he can also count to 16 in Spanish) 

Q: who are your friends?
A: Anderson and Emily and Madelynn 

Q: who is in your family?
A: Mommy and Daddy and Elf 

Q: what do you want to do when you get bigger?
A:um, I not know 

Q: what makes you happy?
A: playing with fwends 

Q: what makes you sad?
A: when Anderson takes my crown off my head I got gwumpy at him
Q: are you happy to be three?
A: yeah. Mommy, I need to watch a free (three) show with buzz and woody because I'm free

Happy Birthday Big 3 year old!!


  1. This is adorable!! I started doing a birthday interview with Jack last year and did it again this year. It's such a fun memory to have! Happy (belated) Birthday, Bryson!!

  2. LOVE that he included your elf in the family line up! What a sweetheart!