Friday, December 21, 2012

Santa Claus

Last weekend, we went to our favorite spot for pictures with Santa. It was a family affair :)
We had been talking up taking a picture with Santa for a looong time in hopes that we wouldn't have a repeat of last year
or the year before
We got there a little early, so we hung out with two of Santa's reindeer and talked to a couple of his elves
Santa still wasn't ready, so after he pretended to be Santa for a minute, we went over to Corner Bakery for a bit. Bryson totally knows how to work Papa, look at his breakfast...chocolate cake!! ha!
B couldn't wait to go see Santa!! The entire morning he kept telling us he was going to sit on Santa's lap and ask him for a cheese hamburger. Haha!
But he got a little shy when he was sitting on his cozy lap and just told him he'd mail him a list ;)
Then we all got to jump in for a picture. All except Brandon and Trey, they all of a sudden "had to go to the bathroom". party poopers!
We tried to take some other fun pictures, but all he wanted was his sucker. He's pretty obsessed with candy right now.
I'm so glad he loved seeing Santa this year!!


  1. Where did you guys go? I would love to show Landry the reindeer next year!

  2. It's at Preston Village in Dallas. It's so fun, Landry will love it next year! All the Santa pictures are free in exchange for canned food or donations for North Texas Food Bank. They do it every weekend in December :)

  3. That's cool. I was going to ask the same question - the reindeer are definitely neat - Naomi would love that. Glad you finally got a smiley pic!