Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bryson's 3rd Birthday

I can't believe my baby boy is big enough to be having his 3rd birthday.
He has been the light of our lives and brings so much joy and laughter to our days. I am constantly amazed by our little man with a huge heart and personality.
I couldn't possibly do a big party at the house this year like I had the past 2 years, so we opted for something easy. Truth be told, I hadn't even planed anything until about 2 weeks before. (bad mommy moment). SO, we headed to Chuck E Cheese last Saturday! I knew Bryson would go cray-zee over the idea.
Guys, I was SO not on top of my game here. I mean like, we had no reservations, I ordered the cake 3 days prior and sent out invitations with only a weeks notice.
But, somehow, it turned out pretty great!! He loved every second of it and we had a great turn out of family and friends to celebrate the little man. :)
I took him to pick out his cake. He skipped over every character cake in the book, and ONLY wanted a "Texas Ranger baseball cake with 3 candles with fire on top". Those are even the exact words he told the baker when we ordered it :)
Once we got to Chuck E Cheese, all he cared about was running around to go play games and telling everyone it was his birthday party and he was three.
We tried for pictures, but he had NO interest in that at all!
All he wanted to do was play games...a lot of games! :)
He put in his own birthday candles and beamed when we sang happy birthday!
He loved opening all the gifts. He did so great, opening all the gifts and telling everyone thank you!

He got to dance The Cupid Shuffle with Chuckee and all the kids and then got showered with tons of tickets to pick up :)
Then it was off to play more games;) Someone mentioned how well Bryson was going to sleep that night and I agreed, but also said Grandma is going to crash as soon as she gets home too! They were glued at the hip running around playing games all afternoon! :)

 We had such a fun day celebrating Bryson's (early) birthday!!


  1. I can't believe our boys are turning 3! We aren't having a party this year at all. I feel bad but with everything else going on its just too much. Looks like your "impromptu" party was a huge success!! Happy birthday Bryson!

  2. I'm not having P's party until the end of January (bc I'm a slacker Mom), and it's going to be at Chuck E.Cheese, too. That's pretty much her fav place. You did a great job. Wanna throw one together for me, lol?!?