Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Get ready for a little phone dump from the past month! ;)

Bryson was learning Ecclesiastes 4:9 Two are better than one. They gave everyone one boy and one girl picture to glue on their paper. His teacher told me he begged for 2 girls because he has 2 sisters ;)

We play a game called "follow my line" and I draw a line and he tries to cut on the line. He's got some pretty amazing fine motor skills. We also play the game where he uses a arker and traces my lines/letters/numbers. He gets SOO proud when he does it!!

SO into Legos right now. You can kinda see the picture in the background, but he followed the picture completely on his own and built the house!

We take B to Home Depot on the first Saturday of every month for the Kid's Workshop. He absolutely loves "building all the projects with Daddy"

I almost never enter giveaways, but I loved these little headbands so much, I couldn't pass it up...and I won! My friend Stacy at Elegantly Ellie makes the most adorable headbands :) Can't wait for our girls to wear them!!

This was going to be one of the pictures on our Christmas card...until I realized Bryson was copying Daddy...only not on my belly ;)

Just because. He is always SO happy and fully of energy

Another doh!
I had more, but they are taking foooooorever to download and I'm sleepy. :)


  1. I can NOT stop laughing at the boob grab picture!!!! So funny!

  2. Love the Christmas card blooper!!! You are such a good Mom, I can't wait to do more activities with Pearson!