Friday, December 14, 2012

26 & 27 weeks!

26 weeks :)
beginning and end
Everything is pretty much the same. Growing huge and the girls moving like crazy!
Finding out we were having twins was a huge huge shock and surprise to us. It threw us for a loop that now we're going to have to have two (or more) of everything. Our church friends have been SO incredibly generous and have given us an amazing amount of hand me down clothes for our little girls. I am so oerwhelmed with their kindness every time I look inside their closet. We are so blessed with their friendships and their generosity.
My aunt and several friends are so sweet to take the time to clip and send us all sorts of baby coupons. I'm sure you'll think I'm crazy, but it's exciting opening the mailbox and finding a envelope full of diaper coupons :)
I am just so grateful.
27 weeks
I was sitting on the sofa one night and was amazed at how much baby B was moving around. I looked down and saw my crazy cone shaped belly!
I doubled up on doctor appointments this week. I had my OB appointment yesterday afternoon. I had to drink a bottle of this delicious stuff
Hoping everything turns out ok with the blood work. I would love to not have gestational diabetes :)
Everything looked good, the girls' heart beats were great (145 & 144), bloodpressure was still normal (119/71), I've gained 27lbs (eek!) and I'm measuring 37 weeks for a single baby. THIRTY SEVEN weeks, people!!! aaahh. My doctor assured me it's perfectly normal, but geez louise!! ;)
And then I had my perinatal appointment this morning. Everything looked great on the sono!!
The girls were popping and kicking so much this morning. They were both measuring 2lbs 9oz!! I think it's so cool that they've always been the exact same weight :)
Baby B has also flipped, so they're both head down now. I'm hoping they stay that way!!
During the sonogram, she flipped it to the 3D cameras, so we got a super fun surprise and were able to see our beautiful little girls a little more "life like"!!
The doctor came in and said everything looks great with the girls! They're right on target and growing great. He even told me I was a "boring patient" because everything was going so perfect. I'll take boring all day everyday, Sir! ;)
And tomorrow, I welcome the 3rd trimester!


  1. Oh, those sweet baby girls are beautiful! You look so amazing, nothing but belly. Yay for both being head down.

  2. I love to hear about your baby girls! You look so beautiful and we are just so excited to see them grow to be big and strong. I love their faces on the 3D sono! What an exciting moment to see them. What a fun process to see the difference in pregnancies. I just wanted to tell you we love you and HOW EXCITING! Wishing for great news with the blood test:)

  3. You look so great! I know you keep saying you feel huge, but I think you look absolutely fantastic! All belly, girl :)