Saturday, December 22, 2012

3 years old!!

I can't belive we have a 3 year old!! Bryson has brought us so much joy and laughter and we are so so thankful for our little man.
It was hard not being able to be with him all day on his birthday this year. We usually get out of school early enough that we're already on Christmas Break, but not this year :( So Michael got to have all the birthday fun with him Friday morning.
He woke up to Michael singing Happy Birthday to him, but he was summoned to stop immediately because "you can only sing happy birthday if you have a cake with free candles with fire one top"
So he changed into school clothes and found his special birthday donut that his Elf had started to eat :)
He had a fun birthday celebration/Christmas party at school and was so excited to tell all his friends he was 3!
After Michael got home, Bryson had a couple little gifts to open. We gave him our gifts at his party a while back, but thought he definitely needed something special to open!
Then, we headed over to dinner at Gatti Town. It's a pizza restaurant/game place kind of like Chuck E Cheese, but they have a really fun miniature bowling alley, carousel, and a swinging pirate ship.
He is really really into playing all the arcade games right now (and I'm pretty sure he won't grow out of that for quite a while!)
With all his tickets, he chose to buy a "hulongous pink baseball bat". Michael pushed for the red one, but he was set on pink ;)
The other big milestone was that the PaciFairy was going to come on his 3rd birthday to take all of his pacis to the babies. We've talked about it A LOT so he wasn't thrown off guard. He never ever took a paci until after his 1st birthday and then he was hooked. We nixed it during the day when he turned 2, so for the last year he's only had it at naptime and night time (or we let him have it if he was sick or had to make sure sure he was calm--like at friend's houses at night for a party or something).
He knew it was coming, we knew it was coming, but no one was really thrilled about it. I fully expected a full on fit Friday night.
We found a box, rounded up all the pacis and wrote a note and drew a picture for the fairy. He left it right outside his bedroom door and we went in for our normal bedtime routine. He asked for it a couple times, but nothing too bad. In the next 30 minutes, he had to get up to "go to the bathroom" twice (I'm pretty sure it was to make sure the box was still there) but then fell asleep peacefully!!  Hooray!!
The next morning, he woke up to his "big boy present" that the PaciFairy left for him. He LOVED it!! It's a walking, talking, light up robot and he thought it was the greatest thing ever!!
He couldn't wait for Daddy to wake up to show him his new gift!!
I put him down again tonight without a paci. He asked for it once, but then fell asleep peacefully within 5 minutes. Success!!
I'm sure there will be some rough days without it in the future, but for now it's a thing of the past! :)
Happy Birthday to our big three year old!!

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  1. We're trying to figure out when the paci fairy is going to come here too. We took it down to night/nap/car/sick a while back. Mmmm... two or three? We'll see, but I'm leaning toward three because I think it will go better. Keep us posted. :)