Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Their Names

When we found out we were having identical girls, we realized we had to find 4 girl names. We really hadn't even start to think about names for one baby, let alone two!
Well, after a few weeks, we had possibly decided on the names for the girls, but we kept saying they weren't "set in stone" yet. We made a mistake about that though. We said the names around Bryson and he stuck to them like glue! So after a couple weeks of listening to him say his sister's names, we knew they were keepers :)
We've known their names for quite a while and they definitely haven't been kept a secret by any means, but I realized (after several people pointed it out to me!) that I had never actually put them in writing on the blog. Oops.
Our little twin girls are going to be
I love love their names. :)
Emily and Grace were the names we picked out when I was pregnant with Bryson if he was going to be a girl, Marie is my middle name and also my Grandma's middle name and Madelynn is a name we kinda threw out there in the beginning, but Michael came back with it a while later and we both really loved it :)
So the cat's out of the bag! ;)


  1. Beautiful names! I LOVE them!

    I'm also secretly ecstatic that none of the girl-havers have taken Charlotte Grace, since I've laid dibs to it :P

  2. We love your little ladies beautiful names! We love them already :)

  3. I'm so far behind on reading blogs, but had to tell you, I love their names!! So glad they and you are doing well!