Sunday, November 11, 2012

22 weeks

22 weeks

Where did Steph go!?
My kids at school are just adorable with my ever growing belly. They ask about the girls all.the.time. They draw pictures for them, they always want to rub my belly or if walking by, they just have to slyly stick out their hand to gently swipe my belly (as if I'm not going to notice ;))
One of my new little girls just moved here from Mississippi and has the strongest, most adorable southern accent. She was hugging me one day and kind of nuzzled her head against my belly, then suddenly jumped back and told me my babies bit her! Haha! I asked if she felt them move around, which she did, so I got excited and told her that she was the first person in the whole class to feel them move!! She took a step back,  looked at my belly and in her most southern accent said, "well, I don't think I like that very much." It was so funny and so precious!!
Bryson is becoming quite the caretaker. He has a heart of gold. I had to start taking my prenatal vitamins in the afternoon instead of the morning so he could help me with them and get a glass of water for me. As he hands me each one, he makes up what they're for: "mommy this one is so they get strong to play baseball with me" "this one is so they can run fast". One day after he gave me the vitamins he asked to put lotion on my belly and continued for a good 10 minutes. He kept telling me his sisters like it so he needed to do more. :) He concentrates mostly on and around my belly button because he's fairly certain that's the "door" to being able to see the girls. He'll stick his eye really close to my belly button and try to pull it apart to look for them. I just love him so much!!
At the beginning of the week I was having a lot of "growing pains" in my stomach. I talked to my dad and called my doctor. I also found out that I've been having Braxton Hicks contractions for the fast couple weeks. I told my doctor that my belly felt like both of the girls were rolling over at the same exact time and my stomach would get tight, but then it went away shortly after. I had no idea that was what Braxton Hicks felt like!! I never ever remember having them with Bryson, so this was new to me. I was reassured that they were normal to have this early in twin pregnancies so it wasn't a big deal unless they became painful.
My belly button has been on the verge of "popping" and it finally did this week (it didn't pop until 31 weeks with Bryson!)
I've also gotten so big now that I've resorted to the "double hand push off" when I get off from the sofa or up off the floor. I'm also quite certain I'm in the beginning stages of transitioning to "the waddle".  And I have how many weeks left to go!?!??
I had a request for a comparison picture at 22 weeks with the girls vs Bryson. I've been so used to comparing my size with my sister, who is 31 weeks pregnant mind you, w and now looking back at this picture I CAN NOT believe the difference. Holy smokes are you kidding me!??!!


  1. Wow! The difference is amazing! Grow girls grow! And what a sweet boy you have. I love the belly button thing!

  2. The belly button bit cracked me up! And, that comparison shot at the end is so interesting.

  3. You are so lucky that B is interested and seems to "get" what's going on with your pregnancy. Asher had ZERO interest - although he does refer to Hadley as "baby in the belly" sometimes so I think he understood more than he let on. ha!

    You look so adorable - feel well mama!