Monday, November 5, 2012

21 Weeks

Doctor- I had a perinatal appointment Friday morning. I found out the night before that Michael couldn't make it (because ALL of his meetings and phone conferences had been rescheduled from Monday/Tuesday to Friday. The headquarters of his bank is in Virginia and they canceled work due to hurricane Sandy. Bummer! But, my mom came to rescue and went with me. I was a little nervous I might pass out again.
Everything checked out great! The girls were both 15 oz and growing strong :) It is music to my ears everytime they say that!! Also, a huge praise, the placenta moved up and there's no more previa!! Thank you thank you, Lord! Thankfully, I didn't passout this time, but I could feel it coming on several different times so I rolled over and took a few breaks from laying on my back.
New Things-
I used my belly as a convenient tray for the first time
This isn't really new this week, but Bryson has been SUUUUUUUUPER clingy to me. You know how your dog just "knows" when your sick and stays curled up next to you the whole time and won't leave you side? Well Bryson is my little puppy. He won't let anyone do anything for him except for me. Michael can't get him a drink of water, click his seatbelt in the car, play games with him...anything. Which has never ever been the case with Bryson. I know he loves his Daddy dearly, it's just a phase...(an exhausting phase for mommy though!)
Movement- "supposedly" the girls are supposed to sleep in the womb, right? They move SO much. Really, all day and all night I feel one or both of them. My belly rolls around and my kids can actually see it while I'm teaching. It's really funny :) But I love feeling them wiggle and roll all around!!
21 weeks
beginning and end :)
(can you tell that I live in pretty much the same clothes everyday?? black leggings or yoga pants and the best maternity tank top ever made--I have one in every color they make now ;) )


  1. Wow, I can't believe that is a 21 week belly!! It's crazy to think I was just starting to show with one at 21 weeks!! I just love all the pictures with your sister. It makes me wish I had a sister SO bad!! Your little girls will be so lucky to have each other as they grow up!!

  2. I love seeing pictures of you and Jenny. That is so fun that you get to experience pregnancy together. One of these weeks you need to post a picture of you with the girls compared to Bryson.

  3. Lookin' good! Love the belly shelf and glad the previa corrected itself. :)

  4. I love your belly! Yay for no more previa!!

  5. I need to figure out how to get my "email" button back on here!

    Katy- isn't it ridiculous?? I was just starting to show at 21 weeks with Bryson, too, and now I lok like I'm a month from delivery! haha

    Carissa- I will definitely do a then and now post next week! thanks for the idea :)

    Christine and Emily- thank you!! I was SO relieved to hear that I din't have to worry about that!!