Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ham & Cheeeeese

Bryson is SOO funny these days! He keeping us laughing all day long :)
Right now he's really into taking pictures and he is a HAM in front of the camera!!
I have NO early idea how he ever learned some of the poses he likes to do, but I laugh at him everytime he asks me to take a picture of him.
Recently, he found his footy jammies from last winter and thought they were hilarious. He laughed and laughed as he put them on. Then he needed me to take pictures of him to send to Daddy since he was at BSF...
A few days later, he called me into his room (where he was playing with Legos) and I walked in to his near naked little body in a cowboy hat and cowboy boots holding a bandana. He asked me to put the "cowboy necklace" on him and then take lots of pictures of him. ;)
I love his adorable personality!! ;)


  1. Ha! That is hilarious! What a fun age!

  2. Oh my goodness! These pictures are TOO CUTE! He is adorable!