Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My ABF Shower!!

Our ABF (adult bible fellowship...aka sunday school) hosted a shower for us on Saturday. It was so special!!
Several of our friends and family came to celebrate our little girls :)
My mom, sisters, mother -n-law and sister-in-law were all able to be there with us, too!!
We have had SO many babies over the past 6 months, and 3 more are pregnant right now. Our ABF has decided that we want have showers for everyone without it being a financial burden on just one or two people, so we do a "potluck" shower. Everyone signs up to bring something and help out with the details of the shower so it's a group project.  I think it's brilliant! All of the food was delicious!! 
Nicole came up with the cutest games :)
The first was to see who could match socks the fastest since I'll be doing loads and loads of laundy :)
The 2nd was to put a paper plate on your head and draw "twins" it was pretty funny to watch everyone try to draw on top of their heads and even funnier to see the outcome of the pictures!!
The 3rd was to multitask. We had to hold 2 babies safely while vaccuming the floor and hanging up laundry with the fastest time. It was cute :)
Of course I'm the one that has to do all of these things and sadly I didn't win any of the games. I'm too slow :)
The girls got diapers, a high chair, adorable blankets, teddy bears and tons and tons adorable girly clothes!! All very much necessities ;)
I am incredibly blessed with all of their friendships. I always look forward to Sunday mornings and our get togethers when we all get to catchup. I love that we're all so different, yet have so much in common. It's fun to "do life" with them and have all of our kids grow up together :)

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