Saturday, November 17, 2012

Showering Ellie

(I've been having technical difficulties with this little ol blog and it's been driving me nuts that I couldn't post about Jen's shower!!)

This past Saturday, we had a wonderful shower for Jennifer and baby Ellie.
Steph, my mom and I hosted the shower and have been soo excited getting everything ready for the last several weeks. I was so giddy about it for a good week before :)

The theme was "She's about to POP"  We had food and drinks that went along with the "pop" theme such as: soda POP, cake POPs, POPcorn, ringPOPs, blowPOPs, jalapeno POPpers, and of course balloons!
One of my favorite decorations was the diaper bouquet. Steph and I took a different approach on the diaper cake
Lots of loved ones and friends showed up to celebrate little Ellie
She was so blessed by all the wonderful gifts!! I love love baby showers because everything is just so darn adorable and tiny!!
Ellie got SO many amazing gifts, but I have to give special mention to a couple of them.
My dad isn't really one to go shopping for gifts, unless it's for my mom, but when he does, he always puts so much tought into it. I've always cherished the gifts he picks out fo me :) Well he went out looking for something special and unique for Ellie and went to several stores and finally found the pink princess jack in the box, which also went along with the "pop" theme of the shower :) It was really sweet! (bottom left)
The other one was my Aunt's gift. She put SO much time and effort to make it perfect. She strung a ton of baby items together on ribbon and after Jen  punched a hole in the top of the box, she pulled out the sring of items and pulled and pulled and pulled. :) It was a hit; everyone loved it! (top right)

Jen looked absolutely beautiful! A mommy's glow, for sure :)
Jen with the grandmas :)
We love you Jen and Ellie and had SO much celebrating our little niece!! Can't wait to hug that little girl!! ;)

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