Saturday, November 17, 2012

23 Weeks

I'm amazed every week when I go back and compare pictures from the beginning and end of the week. Goodness gracious.
Michael, ever so lovingly, refers to my stomach as "the bullet" :) It's pretty fitting.
Sleep is not fun. I'm up several hours every night just because I'm so uncomfortable and can't go back to sleep. I'm always soo tired, but can rarely sleep. It's so sad. BUT, I did find out that I can take Tylenol PM every once in a while, so I have a feeling I might be doing that on the weekends :)
I'm also pretty sure my body temperature is changing because I am always so hot. This moning I was in a tank top and Michael had on sweat pants and a sweatshirt. Good thing the weather is getting much cooler outside :)
I went to my first Plano Area Moms of Multiples, PAMOM,  meeting this week. I am SO glad I decided to join, I think I'm going to like it a lot! I met a lot of expectant moms of twins and several that have twins that are older and got so much great advice just in the 2 hours I was there. There was a mom of twins talking about breastfeeding. I nursed Bryson without a single problem until he was 10 months and felt pretty confident/hopeful it would just go the exact same with the twins. Ha!
One of the things she highly suggested was tandem feeding, which I was planning on doing just to cut down time. But with that you need a certain "twin nursing pillow", (one of my friends let me have hers) and it's about 3 times the size of a Boppy. You can't possibly use the pillow while sitting in a glider because it would sit on the arm rests and by the time you get the babies up on top of there, they'd be at your neck! ha! SO, you basically have to have a love seat or bed in the bedroom to nurse on. I would have never thought of that until I sat down to feed them and failed. Thank goodness I happened to go to the meeting that night! Now I'm on the lookout for a love seat for the nursery ;)
I also have been having a ton of Braxton Hicks contractions. Even though I know they're harmless, it was kinda freeking me out. I talked to my doctor about it, but have been reassured (again) that everything is fine unless they get painful.
Speaking of, I had an OB appt on Thursday and I took Bryson with me for the first time. I was a little nervous, but the appointments are usually super short, so I thought it would be ok. WRONG. Little man was SOO good, but I had to wait over an hour to be called back. That's an eternity for him!! We looked at magazines, watched Mickey Mouse on my phone, played I Spy, read a book, looked through pictures on my phone...everything I could think of. He was a little resless though...but heck, so was I! He was so glad when the nurse fiiiiinally called my name.
He thought it was so neat that I had to lay on the table and he got to sit in the chair, instead of the other way around at all of his appointments. He LOVED hearing the girls' heartbeats. And when the nurse left he told her that she forgot to give mommy her bandaid :)
He played Dr and spun around on the chair while we waited for the real dr. I gave him the piece of paper and said, "ok Dr. Bryson, these are the instructions, what do I need to do?" He pretended to read it and then said "Just get the babies out of that tummy!" It was really cute :)
The heart beats were great: 154 and 148. I've gained 16lbs (feels and looks like 36) and am measuring 25 weeks for a single baby- she said it was slightly small for twins, but the babies are growing great so she wasn't concerned at all.
After that ridiculously long hour and 45min appointment, we most definitely had to stop for yogurt on the way home ;)
I was supposed to have a perinatal appointment Friday morning, but had to cancel, so I won't have another sonogram until the middle of December. It's so weird to have to go 4 weeks without seeing the girls!!
My ABF threw a wonderful shower for me this afternoon and I am so excited to download pictures!!
23 weeks
Beginning and End!!
(Ok, funny story about the 2nd picture. I went to the store yesterday to see if there were any cute dresses for my shower and this dress looked really cute on the hanger and it was on clearance. Sweet! Then I tried it on... and little did I know that sucker must have been made out of 100% spandex! haha!! Don't worry, it's sitting pretty back on the clearance rack.)


  1. I was always massively hot with Naomi. People would have their winter coats on in my hospital room while I lounged comfortably in a tank top as they shivered in disbelief.

    I found with Naomi that the OB appointments when I had someone watch her always went quickly and the ones that I ended up having to take her to always ran long/late. Murphy's law of Toddlerhood. :) At least Bryson is good natured about the doctor thing. Naomi would freak out whenever the doctor touched me or used the doppler.

    And lastly, while that dress is a bit, um, "expressive", you actually look amazing in it. You are rocking a trim body with a healthy bundle of babies. :)

  2. I'm so sorry sleep is so bad. That was the worst part for me, and I only had one baby. I can't imagine how it would be with 2. You look so incredibly amazing!!! You could totally rock that dress. I think your body gets tinier as your belly gets bigger.

    I also had my longest waits whenever I brought Presley to my OB appointments, grrrr!