Sunday, November 4, 2012

Our Weekend

Bryson's school had to reschedule their Fall Festival a while back, so we went Friday after we picked him up. Michael met us up there shortly after he got off work :)
He and a friend spent a LOT of time in the bounce house (surprise surprise!)
He already wanted to get his face/arm painted and then realized Ms. Rosie, his Spanish teacher (who he adores), was doing the painting.  He ran as fas as he could to the table! It was so fun to get to talk to her because Brson seriously talks about her every day and LOVES learning Spanish. I've have had to look up 10-20 words in the last couple weeks just to know what he's saying because he picks it up so quickly and knows much more than I do. She was bragging on him that he is her best student and always keeps her on track and sings along with all the songs and knows the answers to the questions she asks. I thought it was just polite small talk until a few of the other teachers in other classes came over and said they've been called into his room just to watch him during Spanish time. That was just crazy to me!!! But then she said something all too familiar. She said just watching him during class, you'd never in a million years think he was paying attention to her because he is constsntly running and skipping around the room while all the other kids are sitting quitely on the carpet (oh great...) yet he's the only one that knows the answers and sign language to all the things she does. haha! Don't I know I have a crazy hyperactive little kid. ;)
haha long story short, he loves Ms. Rosie and I loved getting to talk to her and hear about part of his school experience!
He made a scarecrow craft all by himself.  It was adorable!
And did a little candy corn bowling
When we finally made it home, we saw our freshly painted nursery for the girls!!! My mom and a dear family friend came over while we were at work and painted it for us!! I was SO excited I couldn't stand it!!
Saturday was the first Saturday of the month, so we took Bryson to Home Depot for the Kids Workshop. He loves using real tools! He kept telling me he wanted to build a birdhouse, which is what he wanted to build last time. Maybe one month in the Sping... ;)
He got to build a turkey napkin holder. It was cute and definitely one of the easier projects they've had. He did almost the entire thing on his own! I'm so proud of our little handy man :)
I spent the rest of the day picking up some things for my sister's baby shower next weekend and finishing the touchups in the nursery. Michael took Bryson to the park for a while to keep him out of the mess while I painted and they had a fun, exhausting afternoon :)
I love spending time with my boys! It's going to be so interesting when we start throwing in dolls and ballet to the mix next year!!

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