Saturday, November 3, 2012


Bryson dressed up as Geo from Team UmiZoomi this year. It's his "most favorite thing to watch on tv"! It's a pretty new show and it's all about math and patterns and he LOVES it! I completely admit his costume was ghetto!! But It was funny to hear all comments about his costume:
"You must be Spongebob Square pants with your square belt!"
"Are you a new Teletubby?"
"Mario Cart!!"
"And...ummm... what are you???"
haha! anyway, this is what he looks like on the tv show :)
Last Sunday, we went to my parent's church for their Fall Festival. It was so much fun!! Bryson got to wear his Geo costume again and he knew he was going to get tons of candy, so he was thrilled!!
We went straight to the pony rides
They had tons of fun games for the kids to play :)
My mom walked around with us to all the games for the first part, but then she had to go to her Sunday School's booth to work
Bryson was tired of walking around towards the end, so we waited in the never ending line for the ballon animals and he picked a sword and belt. He was fascinated with the man making the balloons! He kept telling me he needed to practice with putting air in the balloons at home to make shapes :)
It is the same church I grew up in, so it was fun to see so many people I hadn't seen in years!
Then, on Wednesday, we went over to my parent's house to trick or treat. They live on a cul de sac and have a block party every year. All the families bring dinner and dessert out to the middle of the street and set up a big table and everyone puts the buckets of candy out so the kids walk up the cul de sac and it's a one stop shop for the candy. I loved Halloween growing up because the street was full of kids our age and we would trick or treat for hours!!
hahahahaha!!!! This sucker was from my parents--Bryson thought it was hilarious and loved looking at this picture of himself!!!
Last year, we only trick or treated at my parent's house, just for the picture of course, but we actually took him around the neighborhood a little on Wednesday. He was so funny, he would run up to ring the doorbell and as soon as the door would open he said, "thank you" and after he got the candy he said, "trick or treat"! haha! no matter how many times we practiced, he kept getting mixed up :) But then he would take off for the next house. It was really fun!!
By the end of the night, he was SOO done with his Geo helmet and belt. I'm pretty sure he never wants to look at them again!!
Then we hung out in the middle of the cul de sac talking to all the neighbors. Bryson kept trying to run over and sneak candy out of the baskets :)
Everytime kids would start walking up the street, Bryson would jump off is chair and yell, "hey kids! the candy is here! Come get some from all the baskets!!" he loved it!
Even though he was SOO sugar loaded, he crashed within minutes of getting into the car. I'd say it definitely was a success!! :)
Hope everyone had a great Halloween!!

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  1. What church is it? Looks like a very cute and preschooler friendly fall fest.