Monday, November 12, 2012

Friend Thanksgiving

We had our 5th annual Friend Thanksgiving on Sunday. We had so much fun :)
This year was extra special becuase Kaylan and James moved to Arizona a couple years ago and hadn't been able to be a part of our feasts, but this year they were in town for a wedding so we got to celebrate with them!!
This girls have a tradition of taking a silly picture eating a deviled egg :)
The boys being boys
Every year, the food gets better and better!!
Bryson skipped his nap, so I was afraid he'd start getting grumpy, but Stephanie was billiant and brought their Kindle, so Bryson nd Jacob sat on the sofa for a little bit and watched Bubble Guppies. :)
I'm so thankful for these special friendships and always look forward to spending time with everyone!
(P.S. I totally used Alicia's pictures and didn't want to steal ALL of them, so there are more over on her blog ;))

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