Sunday, December 13, 2009



I feel humongous. If there was a word that means "bigger than humongous" then I would use it!
I am really uncomfortable 80% of the day.
As of Wednesday, I am swollen. My ankles are swollen. My fingers are swollen and my face is swollen and puffy.
I'm waking up multiples times a night and not sleeping very well. Which, needless to say, leaves me very tired all the time.
I am REALLY ready to have Bryson in my arms instead of my belly.

Well, my mom called me today after church and asked how I was feeling. And I told her. She was really sweet and sympathetic and then said,

"At least you don't have to ride 70 miles into Bethlehem on a donkey  like Mary did!" :-)

That changed my perspective for sure!


  1. haha she called me after just to tell me she said that, bc she's so funny..

  2. I love it! We moms can sure put things into perspective,huh???
    Your mom is the greatest! And, so funny!

  3. Don't know if you remeber me, but we talked a little on babycenter. Anyway, I saw you had a blog and check it all the time to see if that sweet baby is here yet. By the way, I love the perspective!