Wednesday, December 2, 2009

2 Magic Words: FULL TERM!!

WOO HOO!! Bryson is officially full term as of Monday! I can't believe it. We are only 3 weeks away from meeting our son for the first time!!

I have been unbelievably anxious about when he is going to make his debut. For the past week, every time Bryson kicks, moves or hiccups I think it's a contraction and he's going to pop out all of a sudden! Yeah yeah, I know it doesn't really work like that. Ha! I actually have been having quite a few contractions though. Every once in a while they're pretty strong, but most of them are pretty mild--as in I barely notice them.

I'm still feeling pretty good. B has definitely dropped in the past week or so. He's starting to feel really heavy and it's getting uncomfortable. It's also getting a little depressing stepping on the scale in the mornings. I am SO ready to start deflating back to normal. I have started feeling like the overexaggerated pregnant girl in the movies when all they do is sit around  eating unhealthy stuff, all big and puffy and only wearing sweats (or their husband's t-shirts!)  I also think it's a bad sign when you start outgrowing your maternity pants!!
This was in one of my pregnancy email updates and I thought it was pretty fitting. :)

I had my 37 week appointment on Monday and it went pretty well. I'm progressing sloooowly (1-2cm) but everything still looks really good! I was secretly hoping she would say, "Hey what do you know, you're ready to have the baby right now. Let's go to the hospital!" But, instead, she said it looks like I'll be really close to making my due date, December 21. I just can't wait to see his face and hold him in my arms. But I suppose I can wait...I only have NINETEEN days left!!
Bryson and I at 37 weeks

My big ol' belly :)

I don't know if I've mentioned this or not, (Ha!) but I am REALLY anxious to find out when Bryson is going to come. I know my doctor has said that he's probably going to be born close to his due date, but Michael and I both have had this strange feeling that he's going to come early. And I thought this morning at 2:30 AM was it!! I thought my water broke after one of my potty trips! I sat there for at least 15 minutes completely giddy/nervous/anxious/frightened. I finally went into the other room so I wouldn't wake up Michael and paced the house for a while thinking about our baby and waiting for the contractions to hit me. I stayed up for another hour and a half and nothing else happened. I felt kind of silly afterwards, but oh well :)

This last month of pregnancy is turning out to be kinda dramatic! :) HAHA!


  1. Kristin
    You are such a beautiful person...and the pregnancy just makes you radiant. I have enjoyed reading about your pregnancy. Hang in there it will all happen so fast and then it will just be a memory.
    I love you background!

  2. I was stuck at 1cm for a few weeks, but once I made it to 2cm, I was in labor the next day! So you never know :)

  3. Annesta- thank you for all your sweet comments, they really make my day!! :) You're so sweet! Hope to see you all really soon!!

    Lindsey- I'm so jealous. It seems as if Bryson has decided he just want's to stay in there forever. I scheduled an induction just in case it's not going to happen:( But I am praying SO hard he decides to come on his own...and soon!!!