Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Someone's in the Kitchen with Kristin

Every once in a while, Michael will cook dinner, but I'm usually the one one that does the cooking in the house. Lately, we haven't been cooking at all because we've been blessed with some amazing friends and family that have been brining us meals since we came home with baby boy.

Last night, we had Ray and Alicia over for dinner and we actually decided to cook! Michael and I started cooing the meal together, but I had to keep running between the food and the baby. Between feeding, changing, comforting, and changing more diapers, Michael ended up cooking dinner by himself. And it was delicious!! 

He made Stuffed Chicken with Basil and Mozzarella, Linguine with Panchetta and Asparagus. YUMMY!!!!


  1. Yes! That was such a GREAT MEAL! He did such a great job and it was absolutely delicious:)

  2. Yummm! That looks amazing! I want the recipe.

  3. Okay, you can't share all those yummy pictures and not share the recipe. That looks amazing!!