Thursday, January 14, 2010

More Tummy Time

We all love tummy time!
It's such a fun time for Michael and I to spend with Bryson because he's so active and happy.

Bryson is getting stronger by the day and a lot more active. It's amazing to watch his development. I did a little tummy time with him morning since we skipped it last night and I caught this little cutie pie on video :)

This afternoon was Bryson's first trip to Target--my (and B's) favorite store! YAY! He did so good, he didn't make a peep the whole time we were there. This was my 3rd time to take him out of the house all by myself, and I'm starting to feel much more relaxed and confident about it :)


  1. I have only taken Presley a few places by myself. I get so anxious about it! However, she has done great each time. I can't wait to take her to Target. It's like heaven on earth!!! Bryson looks like a great shopping partner.

  2. What a sweet video. You'll cherish that forever. Way to go, getting out with Bryson!!

    And I bet you are loving still getting meals from friends, but I'll look forward to you linking up with your meals for the week when you start cooking again.