Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Words I Would Say

Be strong in the Lord

And never give up hope.

You're gunna do great things,

I already know.

God's got His hand on you,

so don't live life in fear.

Forgive and forget,

but don't forget why you're here.

Take your time and pray.

These are the words I would say.

"The Words I Would Say" by Sidewalk Prophets

**I had this song stuck in my head for the entire last trimester of my pregnancy and sang it ALL the time to Bryson. Even during every potty break in the middle of the night. :)


  1. He truly is such a handsome little guy and has grown so much already:) We love you guys and love watching him grow!

  2. Such a beautiful post! One day he will read these words and he will know how very much he is loved and prayed for.
    Simply lovely, Kristin!

  3. I love the second picture. Precious!!