Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy 1 Month!

Bryson was 1 month old on Thursday!! (That sentence started out "B is 1 month old TODAY!" Then changed to "Yesterday" and now "On Thursday") I'm a few days behind. I pretty much feel like I'm a few days behind in everything: blogging, running errands, laundry, etc. I guess that's what happens when your life is consumed with your little boy. :)


Bryson had "newborn" pictures taken this week. We totally dropped the ball on getting them taken when he was first born. oops. I can't wait to see the pictures!! She said that she was going to try to have them finished by this weekend, so I'm anxiously waiting for them!  :)
Bryson was SO good during the session!! I was kinda worried about how he'd be, but it was great. He didn't fuss at all and did pretty much exactly what she wanted him to do. He was wide eyed and bushy tailed the entire 2 hours we were there, which means we didn't get any sleepy pictures of him, but oh well. :)
So, typical newborn pictures are all nakey nakey, right? And of course we wanted naked pictures of him. Well, naked = no diaper. And no diaper = a mess. A mess ALL over Mommy. In the 2 hours we were there, Bryson had 5 poopies and 7 potties. It was pretty amazing how much stuff kept coming out of him! He pooped all over my shirt about 15 minutes into the pictures. Fortunately, I could wipe it off enough so you couldn't see it, but boy could you smell it after a while!

In one short month, Bryson has changed SO much!

I'm not sure of his exact weight, but I'm pretty sure he weighs over 9 lbs now. He has also gotten longer, for sure. He was actually out of  Newborn footed onesies by week 2 because he was so long. He's still in newborn  and 0-3 month clothes for now. He's been in newborn diapers all month, but as soon as we use up the last 10 or so diapers, we moving on up to size 1.

He's eating every 2 - 2.5 hurs during the day and 3-4 hours at night. He's a very efficient eater and usually only eats for 15-20 minutes, which makes it really nice for mommy in the middle of the night. He poops and toots and burps constantly! He's such a boy :)

He still loves tummy time and is getting stronger by the day! He's also decided he likes bath time, he doesn't fuss at all anymore, just lays there very content.

He is SUCH a cuddle bug. He'll lay on your chest all balled up for hours...and I love it!!

He has also started to get a little baby acne on his face, poor thing. It should go away shortly though.

He tracks things with his eyes now. He was in his crib for a few minutes while I put laundry away and he found his mobile :)

He's "talking" and smiling more. He really likes to "talk" during diaper changes, tummy time, and laying in his crib in the morning before I get him up.

In one short month, Mommy has also changed SO much!

Mommy has left the house without Bryson twice now. The first time I ran to Target to get a few things while Daddy was watching him. Man, I felt like I was on "Supermarket Sweep" running up and down the aisles as fast as I could!

Mommy may or may not go several days at a time without a shower... and may or may not even brush her teeth until the late afternoon on some days.

Mommy is SUCH a cuddle bug too! :)

When she lays Bryson down at night, she often has to seriously think about whether she really needs to go to the bathroom bad enough, or if she needs that extra 2 minutes of sleep and just hopes she can hold it until the next time he wakes up :)

Mommy and Daddy both love to sing to Bryson, and he loves it too. It calms him down instantly if he's fussy. Night time favorites- You Are My Sunshine and Jesus Loves Me. Day time/Play time favorites- Father Abraham, Deep and Wide, Head and Shoulders and Old McDonald

Mommy has learned to cover Bryson's wee-wee at all costs!! It erupts without any notice and makes a big mess. Daddy learned this the hard way! :)

There were days at the beginning, that if Michael didn't literally put food in front of her, she would totally forget to eat.

Going out to run a few errands is a big production. She have to make sure she has his bag, extra clothes (for him and mommy), diapers, wipes, blankets, and burp cloths. Once we're out we have to have a time out for feeding. Then diaper change. Possibly outfit change if the geyser decides to go off. Then back to running erands.

Mommy has also realized that she needs to start working out. BADLY. Especially her arms, or her arm is just going to fall completely off from carrying his carseat around. That sucker is heavy!

I can't believe a month has already come and gone, but Michael and I are both so blessed and so thankful for that little boy's life. Our lives have completely and totally changed since we brought him home from the hospitlal. They changed in the best way possible. :) We've said several times that we can't even remember what life was like before him, and that's the way we like it. :)

Happy 1 month, sweet boy!


  1. I can't wait to see his newborn pictures. Who did you have take them?

  2. Cannot believe it's already been a month! This is a precious little post...yall are a precious little family! :)

  3. He's getting so big and I can't believe he's officially a month! We love that little guy:) Anyway can't wait to see more baby pictures!