Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pictures are Here!

Bryson's "newborn" pictures are here!!

You can go here to see them.
(click on 'Images' on the left. The pictures in the Gallery haven't been touched up yet)

But, if you look at them, you have to tell me your favorite(s)!!  :) 

Michael was at work, so he didn't get to make it for the pictures. I was also in a whole lot more pictures than I expected because Bryon never fell asleep the whole time we were there, so I had to hold him most of the time.

**Thank you to Sandra for his amazing pictures and for not kicking us out of the studio when Bryson pooped and pottied all over her floors :)

**Thank you to my mom for being the official "wee wee" coverer. She was standing within inches of him at all times with a towel to catch any spraying that might (and DID) happen! Unfortunately, I happened to catch some of it, too.


  1. My three favorites (in no particular order) - the color photo of him on the white fluffy with his mouth slightly open, the happy one with you and Michael's rings on his toes, and the one of you and him on the colorful afghan (love the colors in that). Great photgraphs!

  2. Oh Kristin, he is SO cute and the pictures are awesome! I can't even pick a favorite bc they are all so sweet!

  3. They are all so precious! I do like the one on the fluffy white rug so much. He looks like an angel floating on a cloud.

  4. i like the b&w of him laying in the white think it said it was 1380! :) i also love the one of the precious! he is a cute little man.

  5. Again they are all too precious! I don't know how you are going to choose!?!?! :) I love his little face and I can't believe how wide-eyed he was for all of it:) You've got a good trooper on your hands!