Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Out and About....Kinda

On New Years Day (before it was freeeezing outside) Michael and I took Bryson on his first walk in his stroller. He loved it! It was so nice to just get out of the house for a little bit.

It was a little chilly outside, so we wanted to bundle him up. A friend from school gave him this outfit and I really wanted him to wear it. But it was just a tiny bit big. :) Michael said he looked like the little boy from 'A Christmas Story' when he couldn't put his arms down. Haha! When we couldn't buckle his carseat, I realized we should probably change him into some other clothes.

We've gotten to go out a couple of times and now I really can't wait until it gets warmers so we can go walking alot more! Sadly, it won't be any time soon since it's supposed to be in the teens for the next few days. Blah.

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  1. Rory had that same EXACT outfit when she was a newborn!!!! Is it from baby Gap?! Love it!!!! So cute! I'm glad you are so happy to be a mommy and I LOVE reading your blog!!!! :)