Sunday, January 2, 2011

Meet My Sister

I love my sister. LOVE her. She's absolutely amazing and I want to take a minute and try to tell you about Stephanie. I really don't even know how or where to begin. I feel like I can't even put into words how special she is to me  :)

Stephanie is a beautiful, young 20-something year old nursing student at Baylor in Dallas and will graduate in May. She has a passion for helping others which led her to choose this career. She's been out of the country on a medical mission trip to Honduras helping the sweet people with treatments and will be returning this Spring.

She is amazing with my little boy. She loves him like her own and would do anything for him. Bryson lights up and runs straight to her when he sees her. It's pretty adorable! See, he's like, "hey, I need Aunt Steph right now!!" :)

She truly has a heart for the Lord and is rooted in her faith in all aspects of her daily life. I pray everyday that she will find a Christian man to laugh, be silly, and pray with.
(on the right)

She is one of the most genuine, loving, and honest people I've met. She's extremely family, friends, goals (sometimes even crazy things like running a half marathon!), etc. She'll probably definitely deny all of that since she is so humble, but it's true :)

In all fairness, I do have let you know about the other side of her, too...
She can be a total goof! She has a fun personality and finds the silly things in life. She can laugh at herself and takes things with a grain of salt. She actually likes to watch sports with my dad and husband, sometimes, and she's so much fun and loves to dance. Wait, that dancing thing is a lie.

But, she does love to have fun!!

So, leave a comment and we can go from there :)


  1. Stephanie is a sweet heart! You and both of your sisters are. The bond between sisters is amazing, and as an older sister myself I know exactly how you feel. You make me want to write a blog about both of my sisters :)

  2. My cousin Sean is a Baylor grad--he's a little older than your sister, but check out the blog I did on him and send me a message or email if you thinks he might be interested!! He's #250 on Kelly's list! :)

  3. *think she (I got to typing too fast!!)

  4. I'm the cousin Tiffany is referring to above. If your sister is interested, it would be nice for you to connect us through the post Tiffany was nice enough to put up for me... : )