Monday, January 17, 2011


After many many ear infections, and a strong suggestion from our ENT, we decided that the best thing for Bryson and his poor little ears was to get tubes.
We chose to do it as soon as possible, so we had to get to the hospital a 6:30 AM on Monday morning.

I was beyond nervous about my little baby. I barely slept the night before (partially due to Bryson waking up every few hours...hence the reson for the tubes...). Several of my friends told me how "easy" the procedure was, but I still a nervous wreck.

We were going to stop to get breakfast before going to hospital and on our way, I realized I couldn't find my wallet, which had my license, credit card and insurance information for Bryson. Michael and I hit panic mode and searched the car like made men. We couldn't find it, so Michael dropped me off at the hospital (5 mins away) and he went back to the house to look for my wallet. I signed in and waited for the Dr. and Michael ran though the house looking for my wallet, which by the way is almost always in my car!!! He found it in Bryson's room (I have no recollection how/why it was in there) and then rushed back up to the hospital.

An hour later, Michael,  my Mom, Bryson and I were sitting in the waiting room laughing about the morning events. I mentioned how I was much calmer about the procedure than I had expected, and my mom reminded me that God can purposefully cause chaos to keep our minds off bigger things. :)

A few minutes later, we were called back to start getting ready and to change into his adorable little bitty gown.

We played, sang songs and made animal noises until he went back. Thankfully, it was just as quick as everyone said, and he was only away from us for 11 minutes, not like I was counting or anything :)
We stayed in the post op room for about 30 minutes and then got to go home. One the way out to the car, Bryson was already back to his sillly, noisy, lovey self!!

He LOVED playing with his Mickey balloon from Mimi and Papa!

He's been feeling SO much better since getting the tubes! I'm so glad we did this. He is no sleeping 12-13 hours straight at night and feeling better during the day! I'm so glad that Bryson is finally starting for feel relief from his poor ears!!

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  1. Praying that the tubes do their job and he stays healthy! And your mom is right! Glad that you had a distraction so that you could relax about the procedure.