Sunday, January 2, 2011

ICE ice, baby

The Gaylord Texan puts on an amazing ice show every year. We went a few years ago and decided to go again this year. It is SO incredible how they create all the ice sculptures! Plus, it's in a beautiful hotel, so it's fun to look around :)

We walked around and took a few pictures before we went into ICE.

Since they have to keep the ice sculptures frozen (obviously!) they keep the room at 17 degrees. So people don't freeze to death, they give everyone giant parkas which are quite warm :) They're also extremely flattering, as you will see. Poor B was a little popsicle after we were finished.

Afterwards, we warmed up with some hot chocolate. Yum!! Since we were in the area, on request of the boys, we went to Bass Pro Shop and I got some more adorable pictures of Bryson in awestruck wonder of the giant animals. BUT, Blogger is being silly and won't let me download them right now. So, we'll have to wait on those. :) Thank you mom and dad for a fun trip to ICE!! :)


  1. I LOVE Bryson's outfit!! Too cute!!

  2. That looks super fun!

    I think Bryson looks more and more like you all the time!