Saturday, January 15, 2011


Michael, Bryson and I have had a long, wonderful day! I LOVE LOVE the weekends when we have nothing to do and we can just all hang out together!! I truly adore our time together as a family!!

Tonight, Michael went to a concert with Ray and since Bryson had a super short nap today, (for a really funny have to see the pictures at the bottom!!) I figured he would go to sleep early tonight and I could catch up on cleaning and organizing the guest room and knock out some laundry. Wrong. B had all sorts of energy tonight!! Even though I didn't do anything on my to-do list, I had the BEST time playing with Bryson!
 (Notice Orion and Bryson are practically BFFs and glued at the hip mouth.)

And, obviously, some things are just innate....

Ok, back to why his nap was so short. I gave him his bottle this afternoon and then put him in his crib. He was tired, but didn't want to go to sleep. I listened to him sing and talk and laugh for about 15 minutes through the monitor. After I could tell he was asleep, I went to check on him like normal. I don't know how in the world he ended up like this or how he ever fell asleep, but this is what I saw:

I gently maneuvered both of his legs safely back inside the aircaft and hoped he was good to nap a couple hours, but he woke up shortly after. It seriously boggles my mind how he ended up like that!! haha

Oh wait, I guess I should explain the crib. A few weeks ago I went to get him out of his crib and he had stuff ALL over his mouth. It turns out he had been chewing on his crib railing! I knew he had taken a bite here and there several months ago, but I thought he was over that phase. I had to do something STAT because 1. babies aren't supposed to eat wood, and 2. he can't sleep in an ugly crib (ha! kidding!)
Anyway, I ran to Lowes and got some giant zip ties and threw some towels on the rails. I attached some links and a couple little toys to the end so he could eat those instead of his crib :)

So, I guess he gets to sleep in an ugly crib after all! HAHA!!


  1. That is so cleaver! Soon, very soon he will be in a big boy crib.

  2. Oh, sorry...that would be a big boy bed!

  3. The pic with the remote and recliner is hilarious!!! I found Presley with her leg hanging outside her crib, as well. What are we going to do with these kiddos???

  4. Men just know how to relax, don't they? Too funny! Asher is always getting into weird positions in his crib - so strange! Have you seen "Crib Wrap"? I had to get some for A's crib because he was eating the top. It works great!